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Posted by on March 22, 2019

Another name for the barcode reader is the barcode scanner. This is a computer peripheral utilized in reading barcodes that are found in different surfaces. The accurate and fast transfer of the encoded details have been performed by the barcode readers right into its application. The entire equipment has a source of light, lens, and an image conductor that would convert the optic signals into electrical signals. Moreover, the decoder circuitry are utilized in evaluating the figures of the barcode reader which is provided by the image conductor and then all of the information are sent to the barcode readers ‘output.

The different classifications of the barcode readers

In today’s market, there are four kinds of barcode readers from that one can find. These barcode readers are utilized in various methods in order to decode and read barcodes.

First, you can find the pen type barcode readers. The light source and photodiode that are utilized here are seen at the tip of the wand or pen. The pen’s tips should be moved throughout the barcode with fixed movements. The light’s intensity would be reflected back from its light source and measure by the photodiode and wavelengths would be generated. The light would then be absorbed by the darkened bars and this would be reflected by the ones that are white. Then, the waveforms would be decoded by the barcode reader.

Second, we have the laser scanners. The laser beams are utilized instead of using the light source like the ones that are found in the pen type barcode readers. The reflecting mirrors or the rotating prisms are utilized to read the laser beams to and fro on the barcode. The photodiode is utilized in measuring the reflected light’s intensity. Check now to know more.

Thirdly, we’ve got the CCD readers. The CCD or Charge Coupled Device readers consist of series of small light sensors situated at the head of the barcode reader. Similar to the photodiode, every sensor is utilized in measure the light’s intensity. The voltage pattern of the barcode is generated right into the barcode reader serially measuring the amount of voltages on every sensor.

Lastly, the camera-based barcode reader. The barcode reader has a tiny video camera that is intended for covering a picture of a barcode. In this kind of barcode readers, a complicated digital photo processing procedure it done just to decode the barcode.

The typical areas where barcode readers are used are in the industrial areas, warehouses, and retail stores. Read this article about barcodes:


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