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Posted by on February 12, 2019

With the beekeeper ensuring that the tools he has are the right ones for harvesting or extracting honey, he is sure of having an easy time. Honey harvesting tool is one of the things he is required to have. The work of this tool is to remover honey from the combs. It also preserves the honeycombs physical state to enable it to be used later. Some of the features of these mechanical devices are large drums that are used as extraction chamber where the honeycombs are kept. After harvesting the honeycombs, they are put into the drums that are rotated at high speed which forces the honey out. Honey equipment come with different sizes. The bigger ones are normally meant for commercial use while smaller ones for small-scale business. Do check out starting kit for beekeeping options.

It is also required that each beekeeper have a beekeeping suit. If you are just beginning the beekeeping business; your priority is supposed to be your priority. This makes it necessary for you to get yourself a beekeeping suit. This suit entails lightweight, full length overall, a hat and a veil as well as gloves. Lightweight, full length overall, gloves a hat as well as a mask are some of the components that complete a beekeeping suit. You are advised to make sure there are no gaps in the suit by sealing all of the up.

Next, you are required to have a bee smoker. When you want to avoid the stings of angry bees, this is the best tool to use. A the beekeepers usually use the smoker for cooling the aggressive bees so that they can harvest honey comfortably. When harvesting honey, it is also a recommendation that you get a honey strainer. Immediately you utilize a honey extracting equipment, you will definitely have honey that is ready to be packaged. Prior to pouring the honey in a jar and brand it as your own, you are highly advised to contemplate removing any impurities. For the of removing impurities from your honey, it is vital if you deliberate to use a professional honey strainer as it does it excellently. Check out EbeeHQ to learn more.

Another honey harvesting equipment you cannot overlook is bee brush. The significant use of a bee brush is to eradicate all the bees that are in the comb when you are doing the harvesting. A bee brush can also be used for other purposes like making a split and queen rearing and many more. The advantage of making use of a bee brush is because they remove all the bees from the frames without damaging or killing either.

Honey uncapping knife is another essential honey harvesting equipment you need to consider. It is specifically used in making clean, and quick cuts through wax capping on the honeycomb. This useful tool is used to collect wax cappings once they are sliced with an uncapping knife. Do check out these great beekeeping gadgets:


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