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Posted by on February 12, 2019

Most of the people running the honey harvesting business will fail due to lack of the proper honey harvesting equipment. The main equipment or supplies that the honey harvesting business will need are beekeeper suit, smoker, honey extractor and more that will be explained later in this article. I will in this article help in explaining what you should have when running the honey harvesting business.

You need the honey extracting equipment which is used to extract honey from the combs while still leaving the combs fit for the next honey production. The honey extractors are designed such that they use the centrifugal force to remove the honey from the honeycombs but leaving it intact. You’ll want to read more on this.

You will secondly need the beekeeping suit which comprises of the hat, veil and the entire body cover for protecting your whole body from the harsh bees by stopping the stingers from getting to your body. A nice beekeeping suit will offer excellent protection from the stingers and protect you from the venom of the bees.You require a bee smoker to protect you from the bee stingers as the smoke dulls the receptors and also prevents the guards from releasing the alarm pheromones. Bees are induced to eat more honey by the smoker, and the honey soothes them making it easier for the honey harvester to do the process very quickly.

You will need a honey strainer which is an instrument used from removing impurities from the honey before packing it, and it purifies the harvested honey by separating wood particles and even bee parts from the honey including the wax.A bee brush is another essential equipment for a beekeeper as it helps in removing the bees safely from the beehive as it is specially designed. During honey harvesting, the bee brush is essential as it will help in sweeping each frame gently before putting it to extraction. Do check out EbeeHQ info.

You will also require the uncapping knife for cutting through the wax which makes it difficult to obtain the honey. Using the electric uncapping knife will handle your job as the wax melts quickly and the honey is released from the caps.Another honey harvesting equipment that you cannot miss is the honey uncapping fork which is used for scratching the cappings that the uncapping knife missed.

You can use the uncapping tanks along with the uncapping knife as they help in processing the frames before putting them inside the extractor as you can put the frames on the tank while uncapping them and collect the honey from the tank that went through the honey gates later.The honey harvesting will also need the collecting equipment which may be a jar or a bottle, and it should be closed with an airtight lid. Here are some great books for beekeeper beginners:


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