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Posted by on June 17, 2019

There is no doubt that signs play a vital role in the advertisement and promotion of your business. The signs that you use let the customers know about your business and they also have a huge impact on the perception of the business by the public. For a sign to be effective it has to be visible and if it is even visible at night then it means it will be able to stand out from the rest. I don’t think there are signs that are visible at night apart from illuminated signs. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of these signs and you are going to decide if they are the perfect solution to the success of your business.

  • Illuminated signs provide some light to an area regardless of the weather. An illuminated sign can be a very perfect sign for a business like a motel. Imagine a person driving at the middle of the night and it is raining, how will he know that you have a motel by the roadside? But with an illuminated sign that says for example “BATES MOTEL” the person will notice the motel with ease and he or she will stop and book a room in your motel to spend the night.
  • Illuminated signs improve the perception of your business. As we have already established, signs plays a vital role in creating the perception that people views your business with. It so just happens that illuminated signs improve this perception and more than 70 percent of potential customers usually believe that a sign of high quality reflects products or services of high quality provided by the company. The LED illuminated sign gives the customers a perception that your business is of class which improves the perception of your business.
  • LED illuminated signs offers extended life. One of the reasons why most people prefer LED lights over fluorescent or the neon alternative, is because of they last way longer than their competitors. LEDs can last for up to six years and your sign will not be missing any letter and you will not have to worry about broken bulbs. The LEDs are also very cost effective and the brightness of the sign is always effectively maintained.
  • Prominent visibility. The brilliance of LED illuminated signs works hand in hand with the fact that the eye of a man is naturally attracted to cute and bright colors especially if there is no any other bright color in the surrounding. A LED light will provide a perfect color that is visible from a distance even during the day. This makes a business using LED illuminated sign have a higher advantage of being noticed by potential customers easier than businesses using normal signs.
  • LED illuminated signs are actually very cheap to run. Days are gone when running illuminated signs used to be very expensive. With the introduction of LED, an illuminated sign can use 80 percent less energy than the former neon lights.