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Posted by on July 18, 2019

Do you think fitness professionals play a role in public health? A couple of decades back, there is no job as a “fitness professional“. However, over the years, there has been a tremendous need for the type of services only fitness professionals can provide. Today, a lot of people are willing to pay a good amount of money to work with a personal trainer or fitness professional in order to achieve their fitness goal.

In recent years, there has been a debate about whether or not personal trainers or fitness professionals play a role in public health. Today, you can find fitness professionals in hospitals and clinics as a member of their staff. Even some big companies occasionally hire fitness professionals for their staff. 

fitness professional

Credits: NASM Blog

In the United States, public health officials are finding new and innovative ways to motivate people to get more involved in daily exercises and fitness regimes. Take, for instance, some insurance companies are willing to give you a discount on the premium you pay when sign-up for a gym class. All over the world, there is ongoing sensitization about the need for people including the elders to get more involved in exercising. Of course, all these can only be done with the help of fitness professionals. Thus, there is no doubt that fitness professionals play a crucial role in public health.

Roles of Fitness Professionals In Public Health

  1. Help Public Achieve Healthy Lifestyle

With rising cases of obesity, stroke, and heart diseases, there is no doubt that we need to engage more in exercises. Fortunately, it is the job of a fitness professional to design personalized exercises that will suit your needs, schedule, and budget. 

Just following a general exercise technique may not help you achieve your fitness objective. However, with the help of a fitness professional, you will be able to get a personalized and well-balanced exercise that will help you reach your health goals faster. Thus, fitness professionals help the public by helping them achieve their fitness goals individually or in a group.

  1. Recommend Diet For a Healthy Lifestyle

Some fitness professionals act as a nutritionist as well. In most cases, they can be able to recommend foods you can eat to avoid problems such as heart diseases and obesity.

  1. Fitness Professionals Can Work Anywhere

Fitness professionals have flexible work and therefore can work anywhere. In recent years, hospitals in the United States are seeking the services of fitness professionals in helping their patients. You can also find them in big companies. Like we already mentioned above, companies want their staff to be healthier. Thus, a lot of companies are now hiring fitness professionals to help their staff get healthier and more productive at work.

No doubt, as a personal trainer or fitness professional, you will be in the position to help a lot of people achieve their fitness goal. It is a very rewarding job with endless possibilities. Besides, you will have a very flexible work schedule and an awesome salary as a personal trainer. A new survey by the American Council on Exercise showed that personal training earnings are around $25.71 per hour and over $55,000 per annum. Besides, as a personal trainer, you also have an opportunity to earn over $100,000 per annum. This will totally depend on you and how much you want to work.