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Posted by on September 17, 2019

Depression is a word we are all familiar with nowadays. The word flies around like common cold, and people take the matter very lightly. But depression is much more than just a sinking feeling. It should be treated and appropriately counseled. Suicide rates are increasing every day of untreated depressed patients who might have needed medical help. Clinical depression is turning into an international epidemic especially in the developed countries. Let’s talk about some of the critical factors of clinical depression.


  1. What is clinical depression?

Clinical depression is the most severe and grave form of depression. It is also called Major Depressive Disorder. It is not caused by some loss or sadness. It is also not caused by any thyroid disorder or any other medical condition. The reason for this type of depressive disorder is not known. The root is also not found yet. That is why this condition is the most severe. The patient cannot describe what is happening and they lose interest in everything.

  1. Is it treatable?

Major depressive disorder or clinical depression’s root is yet to be known. But some research shows that the serotonin level of the brain gets uneven, and that triggers the brain towards this kind of depression. So doctors prescribe various anti-depressants to treat the primary symptoms. If the sleep is not persistent he also might need a sleeping medication. The doctor will monitor the patient regularly to notice any change in his behavior and actions. So the condition is curable or not- that cannot be answered definitively. But it is manageable through medications.

  1. The symptoms of clinical depression

Symptoms of the clinical depression or the Major Depressive Disorder is not constant. Different patients might experience different sensations. But the general sign is that the patient feels darkness all around him. It’s like a feeling of claustrophobia. The world seems irrelevant to him. Living or dying does not bother him. The extreme level of anxiety and stress keeps him at the edge at all the time. The reason for the anxiety is not known to him. The feeling of severe mental pain is constant. The person may have all the sleep in the world in his eyes, but he cannot sleep. The reason- not known. The helplessness of the situation and the extreme agitation, irritation, and darkness of anxiety lead a lot of people towards self-harm.

  1. How to deal with clinical depression?

People give a lot of suggestions on how to tackle depression. But those are their perception of what’s happening to the person. They might suggest to hang out with friends more, but the sufferer is not being able to withstand the company of people at all. They want to be left alone. Going to different places also does not help. The only helping point might be having someone around who understands you, feels your pain, and more importantly, does not force him to talk because he has nothing to talk about the problem. He doesn’t know what the problem is!

Clinical Depression can be a burden for progress in your life. The financial burden of the treatment at this age could discourage you from getting the proper treatment. So, you should take a look at Medicare Supplement plans 2019.