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Posted by on December 2, 2019

Gone are those days when one had to resort to strict and traditional alternatives to replace the ongoing trends that eventually proved harmful and increased the vulnerabilities of the common man; as stated by the strategic minds of the world, modern problems call for modern solutions. One of the biggest concerns of mankind today revolves around the hazards put forward by the habit of smoking tobacco through cigarettes; therefore, in order to steer away from its repercussions, the market has come up with nicotine-containing vaporizers with the hope that it can effectively escalate the condition of one’s vascular health.

It was only recently that the University’s School of Medicine arranged a two-day trial that was aimed at delineating the difference ensued after shifting to vaping from cigarettes. The study suggested that people who switched from cigarettes to proper e-cigarettes confirmed a generous improvement in their cardiovascular health within just four weeks of this shift. It was also stated that women benefitted in ways better and more profound from the e-cigarettes when compared to men. Furthermore, participants who followed the mechanism of transition perceived greater heights of improvement when placed alongside the candidates who continued using both cigarettes and e-cigars.


This study, known by the name of VESUVIUS is considered to be the largest venture that has ever been undertaken to track and analyze the influence issued by e-cigarettes on heart health and all its conclusions were invariably reviewed and confirmed before its submission to be published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. According to the prime figures who initiated this study and its success, the fact that e-cigarette is not completely safe but, only less harmful when compared to its counterpart especially when the cardiovascular health must not be waived off. Smoking, regardless of their source, equipment implemented and kind is injurious to health and constitutes equal degrees of danger. Additionally, the doctors also asserted that vaping and e-cigarettes should not be categorized under harmless devices, and this truth pushes them out of the league of non-smokers and young people. Nevertheless, there were substantial differences in the vascular health of smokers who regularly indulged in tobacco smoking and then switched to e-cigarettes.

One must know that depriving smokers completely of the smoking mechanism just within a few days can lead to grave consequences including anxiety, restlessness, depression, chronic headache and the like. Hence, in situations like these, replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes that use e-liquids and nicotine as its base can be an ideal recourse. It was found that each percentage point increment in the vascular function made way for 13% of chances of heart attack and related diseases. With the change to e-cigarettes, there was a point improvement of 1.5 just within a single month. The doctors also suggested that when the reports are taken into consideration for a short span, the configurations borne by the e-cigarettes were positive.

As we have already mentioned in the preceding section that women experienced greater profits from the shift than men, the reasons behind this, however, are still unknown. The research stated that if a person smoked less than 20 packs of cigarettes in a year, there were fair chances for his blood vessels to regain their stiffness when compared to the ones who smoked than 20 packs. This study proposes that vaping is associated with lesser harm even for the smokers’ blood vessels; only within a month of this change, the careers of blood started restoring their health that was long lost after taking to recurrent smoking. Even though we are aware of the fact that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes, the constituents that generate this property would still need to be sufficed with some extensive research and detailed studies. As per the regulations of the doctors, smoking e-cigarettes or cigarettes should not be taken up by people who do not smoke already, but the e-cigarettes can be helpful for people who want to eliminate their habit of smoking gradually.

With the positive growth of e-cigarettes, more people have started resorting to its utilities but, if you want to keep your heart at its healthiest state, giving up on smoking would be the best for you.