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Posted by on August 17, 2020

Everybody spends their free time differently. Those who enjoy swimming or engaging in aquatic activities have to keep in mind that water it’s a risky realm and they should always be prepared with the right equipment in case of emergency. Many safety measures can assure an enjoyable day, but sometimes, accidents occur unexpectedly. Some of them are worse than others. When people are about to lose control of their bodies in the water, it’s time to use lifting equipment.

If you plan on going swimming in a swimming pool, it might not be the case for you to worry about lifting equipment. But those who plan spending time in the great depths of the ocean and wonder which aquatic activities require having lifting bags around, the answer is as simple as water: all of them.

lifting equipment

  • Snorkeling 

Exploring the mysteries of the ocean is certainly a once in a lifetime experience. But bear in mind that they’re still mysteries if you are a beginner. The ocean and adventuring into its unknown are dangerous even for trained swimmers. Yet they are cautious and carry lifting equipment every time they prepare for a nice session of exploring water. If professionals do it, why would you risk? So, if you prepare for peeking underwater, make sure you have lifting equipment next to your snorkel and mask.

  • Canoeing & Kayaking

Both are fun, both include boats, both include risks, and you should pack underwater lifting bags for both, especially when you go out into the ocean and the weather is not favorable.

  • Scuba diving 

Have you ever wondered what Scuba means? During World War 2, the term SCUBA was used to refer to rebreathers used by the Navy frogmen, and it means “ Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”. Although it sounds safe, you should still consider having some extra safety measures around.

  • Swimming 

Should you have doubts about taking safety measures for swimming or not, think about all the possible depths to swim in. If you intend to swim in the dangerous depths of the ocean, then be prepared for anything. Take the right equipment. If you don’t plan on going too far, you should be safe.

  • How to use lifting bags

Now that you’ve seen how important it is to take safety measures before engaging in risky activities, you might wonder how exactly do these underwater bags work. First of all, you need to know that even these safety measures can put you at risk, namely that of not working. But you can overcome the danger, by testing the equipment. Make sure they are intact, maybe take two if needed. Don’t buy them and wait to drown to finally test their quality. Check right before engaging in any aquatic activity that might put your life at risk. Now, you should know how to use lifting bags. First of all, it is obvious they are used by divers. They use it mainly to lift heavy things to the surface. These bags are made of rubberized cloth and have a special system that allows for grabbing things that must be taken out of water. To take out objects which have a certain weight, you have to add air on the lower side of the balloon until the bag’s buoyancy becomes the same with that of the object you want to take out.

Once the balloon goes up to the surface alongside the object that’s to be taken out, the hydrostatic pressure lowers while the balloon’s volume rises. The excess air is automatically eliminated, besides the lower edge of the balloon. Alongside other adequate equipment that a diver must pack, these lifting bags are life-saving. If you still doubt their usefulness, think about the other advantages of having them with you: maybe you find something priceless in the water, but you can’t grab it. So, there are only advantages in considering these bags. Not only you’d save your life if bad things happened, but you’d also be prepared in case you found unexpected treasures.


It might be tiring to see warnings everywhere, and for every little thing, be it casual swimming or scuba diving. Yet, we hear about so many fatal accidents that could have been avoided with the right equipment and training, that sometimes the best thing to do is just continue recommending better safety measures until everybody understands and follows them accordingly.

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