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Posted by on October 13, 2020

Online buying is now the trend in our society since it is more hassle-free. Hassle-free because you do not need to stress yourself by standing in a queue. Also, you will not worry that you can get a virus or get stuck in traffic while going to the mall. Just a click from your cellphone, you can have the headphone that you need. However, there are also some disadvantages to buying online or it is not working whenever you received it. To protect the online shoppers, reviews, and ratings are required by every online shopping apps to their buyers to be given to a certain product that is being sold. So, reading these reviews and ratings before buying is highly encourage to every shopper, and to make sure you are buying the right one, look for products that have 5 starred ratings.

What is the 5 starred rating?


Every online shopping apps usually encourage their buyers to make reviews or ratings every time they receive their parcel to give ideas to other online shoppers like them. So, the 5 starred rating is the highest rating that a buyer can give to the product base on his or her experience while buying it as well as if he or she likes the product.

Why checking those products with 5 starred rating is important?

Checking or reading the online reviews for these products with 5 stars are important because of the following reasons:

  1. It will give you the impression that it is of good quality.

In buying headphones or any other product online, we wanted to receive good quality, especially if we cannot see it or test it before purchasing it and Audiosolace is an online review magazine featuring detailed headphone reviews for your consideration. This is for the fact that if it is not going to work, returning or refunding is very hassle and tiring. We are leaping in the dark, as they said whenever we are purchasing online. However, we can be sure that the product is of good quality if it has good ratings or reviews from those who had tried purchasing it. Whenever the product has a high rate, most of us will think that this product is of good quality and that the buyers are not disappointed with what they receive. In that way, you are assured that your money will not be put to waste.

  1. It will give you the impression that the seller is legit.

One of the disadvantages of buying online is you can buy products from a seller with less experience online. So, to avoid this problem, make it a habit of reading reviews or ratings before buying your headphones or any other products online. The store that has a 4-5 starred rating will assure us that the seller is legit. It will give us confidence that we will get the right product with good quality.

  1. It will give you the impression that the price is right.

Some online sellers are giving overpriced products, especially if it is in demand in the market. That is why if you are planning to buy a headphone online, make it a habit to check if it has a rating with 4-5 stars. In this way, you will have the impression that you are paying the right amount for the said product and that you will receive what you have paid for.

Where can we find these ratings and reviews?

Every time you will click a certain product, there is usually a button where it says reviews or ratings, and this can be found either on the top part or in the bottom part, depending on the apps that you have been looking for or using.

So, as a reminder for every online shopper, make it a habit to read first before you purchase the product. Do not be deceived by the way they are presented because some products are only good as pictures but not in reality. Learn to be a wise and observant buyer. Remember always to read before you click.