All about Dental Implants

A lot of people prefer to go for a dental implant because their friends or relatives undergone a positive experience in the past. These days, this dental treatment is growing in popularity because people many people are replacing their lost teeth. Dental implants consist of three separate parts. Implant post or screw inserted in the jawbone, abutment attached to the implant post or screw which protrudes above the gum line and also final tooth restoration that comes up after abutment are the three parts of dental implants. Osseo integration is the process where the screw or post bond with your jawbone. After that process, new bone cells begin to grow on the treated implant post. This makes the post to be held firmly. Dental implants are used to support implant crowns, bridges, or complete dentures.

A dental implant is better than other alternatives because of many reasons. One of the reasons is because the implant post artificially replaces the tooth root. If you would like to maintain your dental health, you should take care of your natural tooth roots. If the natural tooth root is removed or damaged, new bone cells that replace the old cells are not produced. This make your jawbone to resorb. Resorption takes place after one year, and that’s why many people are advised to replace their lost tooth as soon as possible. Get a dental implant surgery in Toronto or you can learn more here.

If dental implants are used to replace a single tooth, they can be aesthetically pleasing. If you find an experienced dentist, he can create beautiful new implant teeth that look realistic because they use high quality materials. Teeth that they use as replacement work best by providing the right support for your cheeks and lips. This makes people not to have sunken in look that is found with prematurely aged people who lack some teeth.

Those who have uncomfortable dentures or who hate chewing softer foods should choose dental implants. When you undergo this treatment, your teeth are held firmly in place and also allow people to eat comfortably. They even socialize or speak with other people with complete confidence because they all the gaps in their mouth are filled up with teeth. Those who even lost their teeth in the past can also choose dental implants. Dental implants do not only rejuvenate their appearances, but they also restore the right dimensions between their upper and lower jaws. This makes their cheeks and lips enjoy firm support.

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