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Posted by on September 18, 2018

In conducting business, many a times, the business owner goes ahead to purchase goods before hand and the search for the customers to whom they sell these commodities. This  approach to doing business has been used for a long time now despite having its shortcomings. This is because at times the commodities may not quite fit the customers need or the seller may have  purchased such a large quantity that they become obsolete before they can sell all the products. The need to eliminate such shortcomings has prompted researchers to come up with a better way of doing business.

Drop shipping is a relatively new way of conducting business where the seller, tis time round starts by establishing the market for the products by getting order from customers and then placing an order with the manufacturer who then  packages and delivers the product to the customer. The drop shipping agent acts a middle man who does not come into contact with the commodities and who gets their pay as the difference between the price the buyer paid for it and the price that the manufacturer sells the product. The method beats the conventional way of doing business as the drop ship agent only purchases the amount that the clients require which eliminates wastages. Get more info.

When getting into a drop shipping business, the drop shipping company or agent needs to take into consideration several factors. The first is to establish the commodities that they will deal with. This includes getting into the minor deals as establishing the brands and the prices that each cost so as to establish the price that they will sell to customers. It is also important to deal with honest manufacturers who will deliver only genuine products and within the agreed time frame. This may prompt the drop shipping agent to get into legal contracts that define the terms that will guide their relations. The agent can also take an insurance cover to protect the goods while in transit to reduce the chances of losses. Visit this website at and know more about shipping.

Drop shipping has very many benefits that it can one can reap .they includes the fact that the model has no need to hold inventory which reduces the cost associated to such from holding cost to ordering costs. The other benefits is that it reduces the cost of transportation as it does not have to reach the agent or other middlemen before reducing the cost of the product. However, the model is not without its drawbacks as both the manufacturer may decide not to keep their part of the bargain where the supplier delivers faulty goods or the customers claims never making the order to begin with, check out this review!


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