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Posted by on August 29, 2018

It’s up to us to turn our house into a home. You and your family will love having your kitchen and bathroom remodeled. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when considering remodeling your kitchen. Your wallet will thank you when you avoid these super easy to make mistakes.

You can start off by thinking small. A big difference is made by the small features you choose to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Add ons and features you’re not passionate about can still help bring together the entire project. Having add-ons and storage features are essential to a properly remodeled kitchen.

Storage features will allow you to create space in your kitchen no matter how large or small it is. Lazy susans and drawer dividers are great storage add-on’s to consider including in your kitchen remodeling. When you choose to add these features on during the remodel it’ll cost less money. On the other hand if you try to add them later on it’ll be expensive.

There’s a couple different explanations of why it’ll cost more later on. Mainly it’s the accessibility of having all of the same materials. You want your kitchen and bath to have a remodeled uniform look. You might discover that the colors are slightly off when you try to add pieces later on. To play it safe just choose all of the features and add-on storage devices from the beginning.

Another mistake is ignoring the flow of foot traffic in your house. Start by considering what areas in the kitchen are most frequented. You want to make sure that these areas are easily accessible. You probably visit your sink, stove or refrigerator a lot. Appliances like this need to be in a convenient location.Amazingly enough these appliances will also need to correlate with each other. This specifically pertains to your refrigerator, your stove and your sink. These three appliances need to have a certain amount of distance from each other.

A triangle best explains the practice that needs to be implemented here. When you have the triangle strategy in play, individuals won’t be constantly bumping into each other as they navigate the kitchen. It’s the little things that can really make a difference when doing your kitchen remodel.

The counter space is another area where a lot of mistakes can occur. Do not settle when planning out the room you need for your counters. You can elongate your counter space is with the support of different types of shelves. A lot of counter space makes your kitchen come together.

There’s so much you can do when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom remodeling. You’ll save a lot of money the more you learn from others remodeling mistakes. Your fantasy kitchen can become a reality.

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