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Posted by on May 21, 2019

The joy of having a family is seeing your loved ones living in peace and harmony. Situations change that cause people to sue their family members when they feel that they have violated their rights and freedoms. Other circumstances break families apart. During these difficult moments, you need a family lawyer if you want to seek legal justice. There are several services that family lawyers provide under different circumstances.

Family lawyers are helpful during the divorce process. You need a family lawyer in case your partner is continuously threatening you during the divorce process. You have the right to the share of the property and also sharing custody of children. When someone starts making threats towards you, it is time you take precaution by hiring a family lawyer. The lawyer will give you the emotional support that you need support through the divorce process. They have experience from handling many divorce cases; therefore, they understand better how divorce can bring someone emotionally. You can seek support from the people who care so much about you, but they may not be able to put themselves in your shoes because some of them have never experienced divorce.

A family lawyer from Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda PLLC will help you during child custody cases. Your partner may want to deny you custody of the children after the annulment, divorce or separation out of malicious intentions. You do not have to worry because family lawyers at that ensure that you get to share your children’s custody with your partner. The lawyer will also help you get custody of the children if you feel that the other party is not fit to take care of the children. You can also file for termination of parental rights if your partner abuses the children, abandons them or because of any other reason that under the law may lead to termination of parental rights of the other party. Your family will help you during the dismissal of parental rights case. Matters concerning the children like child custody are delicate and complicated and need you to handle it with care. Your children involved and need a family lawyer who can help you reach an agreement about custody if you decide not to take the matter to court but solve it amicably.

Couples sometimes choose to separate instead of divorce. During the separation will need to hold property. The family attorney will ensure that you get a fair share of the property as agreed upon by your partner, share custody, and child support. The court acknowledges separation, but it still considers you as married by law. You will need a family attorney to help you during the separation process so that they take off the burden of constantly arguing with your partner about the division of property, sharing custody of children and providing financial support in children. You can click for more interesting details here.

You will need the services of a familiar when you want to adopt a child. The adoption process is complicated because it has so many paperwork. The lawyer will advise you how to fill power and ensure that the process goes on smoothly. In the case of legal challenges during the adoption process, the family lawyer will prepare to give guidance and solutions.

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