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Posted by on September 24, 2018


Seafood restaurant have been in existence for aver long time. They original originated from the East and the popular is known with the Chinese and Japanese cultures. This is because traditionally they took selfhoods because their land was not good enough for them to practice agriculture. This tradition has seen its way all over the world and today all countries in the world do have a seafood restaurant like Roka Akor.


This makes it a favorite for very many people and just as the name suggests the food that is prepared here is mainly seafood. The other might just be side dishes such as rice, potatoes, chips and many more. Seafood includes crabs, fish, prawns, octopus and many more. The following are some of the means of preparations you will find in these restaurants at


The first and most common one is taking the seafood raw. A good number of these foods are not usually cooked. They are taken just the way they are without any sort of cooking. There are just a few spices that can be added to make it taste much better or even do away with the scent. An example of such is sushi which is rice taken with raw fish. The most common type of fish that is usually taken her is salmon and tilapia. It is usually accompanied with fish and other toppings can always be added. In addition it is always taken with so source.


The second means of preparation is always grilling. This is one of the preparation means that a good number of people would like. This is because one can get to choose how they want their seafood to be done that is grilled slightly or fully done. Grilling involves laving the fish or seafood on a grill which is heated from below to cook it to an extent that you want. Those can be done to almost all kinds of seafood and the one that is done most with this are all fish types and also prawns. Some spices can be added as toppings during grilling to make it taste better. Know more facts about restaurant, go to


The other means of seafood preparation is always to fry. Frog involves deeping of the seafood in deep boiling cooling oils to let it fry. You can fry ant kind of seafood the difference comes with what you do to it before you can fry it. This include things like marinating the seafood even deeping it in sources. This will also cook it fully and it is mostly common with tilapias and snapper fish.


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