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Posted by on December 21, 2018


Are you a dentist in search of more creative ways to improve your practice’s marketing campaign? It can be hard to concentrate efforts on attracting more clients when your priority is patient care. Still, there are some basic methods of marketing your practice without compromising your key goals.

Tapping Your Local Community

This is where you’ll get most of your patients, so why not take the extra mile by giving out flyers at coffee shops, parks and other popular places in your area? You’ll never know who’s going to need a dentist.

Investing in SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of helping your website rank well on Google. The higher you rank, the more exposure you will get online. This process sounds simple, but it can get quickly get laborious and time-intensive. Don’t hesitate to invest in a team of professionals to handle this part of your marketing campaign. This is also a long-term project so don’t expect results overnight. Get further info on dentist advertising here.

Educate potential patients.

Distribute relevant information that your prospective patients will be interested in. Provide tips and ideas they can actually use instead of just a mere list of services you provide or your credentials. Tell them how to choose a good dentist, how to care for their teeth, how an electric toothbrush helps them, or how important flossing can be. Education-based marketing will make sure that your efforts are appreciated instead of being treated as annoying adverts.


Among the most important things you can do is to personalize your efforts because people like it when they feel like a real person instead of just being a case. Definitely, you should still maintain professionalism as a healthcare professional. However, by doing small things like adding a picture of yourself and your staff on your web profile, or decorating your office so it looks relaxing, people will see your effort. These days, people want a personal experience, not just a service. You need not do so much just to help patients feel nice and comfortable. You’ll definitely want to research more about dentist marketing.

Be patient-oriented.

Finally, make sure your marketing is focused on what your patients’ wants and needs, or those things they really care about when selecting a dentist. These wants and needs could be anything, from frustrations to annoyances to delights and all. Your marketing copy should always be targeted at satisfying these wants needs instead of just showing off your expertise or the technologies you use. When you can connect to them through their own wants and needs, you catch their attention and they will come to you. Here’s how you can start up your dental practice:


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