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Posted by on December 7, 2018

Neckties come in different designs, fabric, and colors. Most men don’t know how to choose the perfect ties. They just go with their likes and dislikes. The many styles of neckties make it even more confusing to pick the right one. To learn more about Ties, click Keep reading to know what you need to consider.
You need to have an understanding of the different parts of a necktie. You have to know certain things for you to spot a quality tie. Have a look at the lining of the necktie. It is advisable that it be made from wools. You need to feel the fabric. Silk is ideal because it is smooth. A good quality necktie is made of three pieces of fabric while a cheap one is made from two. Have a look at the hem. A hand stitched one has a better shape compared to one that is machine made. It is important to size up the necktie. Choose a tie that measures between 5.5cm-10cm wide. It should fit well around your neck. It needs not to be too loose or too tight.
Also, consider the texture of the necktie. Heavyweight jackets fit well with wool ties. Silk ties are ideal for business suits. There are plenty of colors to choose from when choosing neckties. You need to match the colors with your attire and occasion. For a formal occasion, you need to pick a tie that has a solid color that is darker than your shirt. A dark tie is good for business wear.
A black tie is suitable for all occasions. Every man needs to have a necktie that fits well with a dress shirt. It should have a nice color and balance for it to look good. Take a look at the frame of your face in the mirror. To learn more about  Ties,visit  met logo. For individuals with dark complexion and color, choose a bright necktie. For fair complexion, select a darker tie. On the other hand, if your skin tone and hair contrast, select a necktie that contrasts with the tone of your skin.
Additionally, there are different patterns of neckties such as dotted, striped, woven and checks. The patterns need to match. It is advisable you know the occasion before purchasing a patterned tie. The pattern needs to complement your outfit. A formal affair such a wedding, go for a solid tie. If the pattern on your shirt is pronounced, select a subtle necktie. Choose the latest fashion trends of neckties. Just ensure that the tie you choose does not pull the focus away from you. In case you have doubts, stay subtle. Learn more from


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