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Posted by on August 21, 2018

There are many families with children who have Asperger’s syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and this problem usually develop in early life of a childhood and both condition have similar symptoms. This problem usually affects areas such as learning, socializing, communicating and developing as it brings difficulty in these areas thus making a child to become disabled. There are different reasons which causes this problem to develop and therefore doctors should be able to diagnose this problem at early age so that they can treat this problem.

Asperger’s Syndrome or AS is usually caused by a neurodevelopment condition which is known as autistic spectrum disorders and this problem usually causes a child to become unable when communicating and socializing. There are some restrictive and repetitive behaviors such as being attached to a specific object such that he or she can only operate with a strict schedule and it develop once a child has this problem. The AS usually occurs in a mild form since the disorders on the Austin spectrum usually occurs in two forms that is mild or severe. The symptoms of AS can be solved using the behavioral therapy and counselling.

The other problem which is found in many children is the attention deficit hyperactivity disorders or the ADHD boise or the ADD and it usually affect a child in a way that they get troubled when they want to pay attention and when they are focusing. This problem in some children usually decrease as he or she grows though some usually experience this problem throughout their adolescent up to adulthood life. This problem is also caused by neurodevelopment condition just like the AS.

Some of the similar symptoms which these two problems have in common include the following. Both people who are affected with these problems usually experience some difficulty when sitting, loose focus quickly when they are watching or listening to things which do not interest them, act on a whim and they have a frequent behavior of talking a lot. Also these people also experience some difficulty when they are socializing and interacting with other people.

The main difference between the AS and the ADHD or the ADD boise is that the SDHD is usually noticed with inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity while the AS causes problem in social interaction, difficulty in communication and repetitive and ritualistic of some behaviors. Centers which can be used to treat this problem include therapy, behavioral training and counselling since medication is not commonly used. For more info, visit:


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