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Posted by on September 27, 2018

Hypnosis is a type of healing that tries to get to the root of an emotional problem that can affect a person’s life. In other words, it is a form of healing that provides a safe and effective way of reducing stress. During the therapy, the patient is in a state of mind that is the same as experiencing focused concentration. When you see someone undergoing hypnosis therapy, you might think that they are asleep, however, they are focused on the events occurring in their imagination, while their body is relaxed.

While one is in hypnosis, the therapist acts as a coach by gently guiding the patient’s mind with a set of questions. The aim of the therapy is to make the client relax as the therapist uses various means, such as guided visualization, suggestion, and therapeutic metaphor, to assist the client to enter the relaxed state. Once the client is relaxed, it becomes much easier to find answers to the set of questions.

The therapy allows one to relax into a deep state of conscious awareness where the client can access their higher self. During the therapy, brain waves are lowered hence allowing the subconscious mind to open up access to memories of a client’s early lives that is hard for them to remember while in a normal state. Before you undergo the therapy, you need to understand the five main states of consciousness. These include beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma. Beta refers to the normal waking state, whereas alpha is the state that one enters when they daydream. On the other hand, theta is a state of peaceful awareness. At this state, one needs to tap with quantum healing hypnosis technique abbreviated as QHHT. This technique is vital since it can assist one in their life by bringing forward clarity, understanding, and healing regardless of the type of life discomfort one is facing. In addition, QHHT can open a conversation between a person’s conscious self and their high self. When one is at his high self, they are able to know the events that happened through their eternity and how they live. See page for more info.

The following are the benefits of quantum healing hypnosis technique. The therapy can assist one to know the cause of their current discomfort, help them learn how to heal their own mind and body, as well as discover a higher purpose for the discomfort one is facing. It worth noting that QHHT healing can be immediate and incremental over time. Therefore, it is vital for people to sign up for hypnosis therapy frequently.

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