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Posted by on March 31, 2019

This is a one week and two days experiential course that was created by Harry Palmer in 1987 in the United States. Since then, it has developed massively and is being
taught in over seventy languages. On top of this, the course has been translated into over twenty languages. The organization has its headquarters in Florida, USA. So,
what can you expect when you go for the avatar course?

Well, there are three sections with the first one concentrating on the relationship between beliefs and reality. You are going to be given an opportunity of determining whether relationships are real. You will be tested on this via different tests. You are going to be taught how to manage your attention which has been determined to be a key element in leadership. You will also learn how to utilize attention to your advantage as well as developing more compassion. After you have learned and assimilated all this, you are going to be ready for the next section of the program. This section involves an exploration of the general perception that people have in this world. What are the effects of such beliefs in our lives? This part is more concerned with how you can create reality. The result is a comprehensive transformation of your perception of your personal life. You will learn how to deal with your previous challenges. After this section of the course, you are going to discover ways on how to unlock yourself from the beliefs that you are stuck in and how to create a better future. You will know how to experience reality without judgment. Click here for more information.

The final section of the Avatar course, section three, is going to help you decide on who you want to be. You will get to know how to deal with your limitation and aid other people. It starts with a guiding session whereby you are taught how to utilize tools that are going to help you to manage your life better. This section is known as the rundown as it is going to take you through seven solo rundowns that will aid you to address your limitations and so much more. After this, you will find it easier handling old events and decisions that are troubling you in your life so that you can have a good one. For you to go through this, you need to have completed section one and two for a perfect transition. To learn more on avatar course click here:


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