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Posted by on November 26, 2018

Designer sunglasses are extremely popular brands and desired by both men and women to accentuate their style. It isn’t a big surprise actually because these glasses look fashionable, glamorous and stylish, which is mostly seen worn by trendsetters and celebrities. Because of the reason that they’re manufactured with the latest and top-notch optical technologies, they provide optimal protection for the eyes from the harmful UV rays and bright glares while making a fashion statement at the same time.

With the high end name however, there comes the expensive price tag for every sunglass as well. Whether you like it or not, it will roughly cost you 200 to 400 dollars only to get yourself a pair of designer glasses. You can always find pairs that are cheaper but nevertheless, a hundred dollars is going to be the least amount you can fork out. Check out here affordable designer sunglasses.

Given the huge varieties of incredible styles offered by each brand, it isn’t surprising that everyone is eyeing to have one. On the other hand, since it is fairly expensive, many people think that the wealthy and rich can buy these accessories. So in order to meet one’s desires, there have been tons of knock off sunglasses and replicas as well have become available. If you are searching for authentic designer sunglasses, you need to be more careful so by that, you won’t be paying for fake products.

Apart from the fact that these sunglasses are very prone to accidental shocks and bumps, it might cause serious harms to the eyes due to its low or no sun protection factor or SPF.

The question is, how you can identify fake pairs from original ones? In that case, here are the top methods that you can do.

Number 1. Examine the model number and brand logo – most of the leading sunglasses models have its brand logo embossed on the sides. See to it that you’ve checked this carefully for variations in logo such as different letter sizes or font, misspellings and so on.

Number 2. Assess its craftsmanship – original branded sunglasses are made using top grade materials similar to high quality plastics, polycarbonates and memory metals. For this reason, you can be sure that these sunglasses are sturdy, extra comfortable and strong while replicas feel flimsy, unconvincing and most of all, cheap.

Number 3. Compare the photos – comparing sunglasses photos that you are about to buy to original models on designer website is one excellent way of determining the product’s authenticity. As much as possible, try to avoid buying sunglasses where the colors have a shade lighter as they are guaranteed to be replicas. Visit sunglasses shop Bristol to know more.

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