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Posted by on December 27, 2018

It is not clear what the manufacturer of the whizzinator had in mind when he or she created this device. Nonetheless, the gadget has elicited great interest. Since it does not have a specific use in mind, the people who purchase this device use it for various applications. It has solicited a lot of interesting yet positive reviews on different platforms especially online. This article examines some of the features and uses of a Whizzinator for sale.

The whizzinator is a device that resembles the male genitalia. The device has got three interesting components. These are the male genitalia look alike, a synthetic urine kit and temperature pads. The look-alike male genitalia resembles the human male genitalia in color, shape, and texture. Without critical examination, it may not be easy to tell that it is a fake. It comes in a limited number of colors. These colors resemble the different colors of the diverse races. For example, the Asian, Caucasian and African skin color. This makes it seem real, unlike other artificial male genitals that have been created. It comes equipped with synthetic urine that has the same smell, color, and temperature with the human urine.

It is commonly used by persons who want to achieve a heightened sexual pleasure. Some individuals are eager to experiment in different sexual styles. This is the reason why sex toys are very common. Some people may argue that the original use of the whizzinator was for sexual pleasure. It is used during intercourse to achieve wet sex. In this case, the partner or partners release urine to stimulate wetness and pleasure in their companion. Since the human urine is usually hot when it is released, this device ensures that the fake urine also has the same temperature as that of a person. It can be used by female partners who wish to delude that they have a male genital. It can also be used by male partners who wish to bring in some fun to the intimacy process.

It is also used by individuals who are expected to undergo a urine test and wish to pass this test. Some people outrightly want to cheat in their urine test. They take this test because it is a sport or employment requirement. On the other hand, some sports personalities opt to use this device because they are not sure if the performance enhancement drugs that they use are allowed or disallowed by sports authorities. Some children equally use it to deceive their parents of the fact that they are using illicit drugs.

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