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Posted by on September 17, 2018

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A lot of people have relatives and friends who lived in foreign countries and the most common method they use to communicate with them is through long distance phone service of traditional operators. Most of the time, the charging of these long distance calls can be quite pricey and unaffordable especially to low budget users. However, the launching of the Internet protocol (IP) telephony, the latest kind of communication technology, offer users a relatively cheaper rates which make long distance calls more affordable for low budget consumers. To learn more about IP Telephony, click Yealink Business IP Phones. With the help of IP technology, users can now easily contact anyone around the world through the Internet, and communicate with them instantly and effectively.
Internet protocol (IP) telephony is the usage of Internet protocols that is designed for voice phone calls that can be achieved over the Internet or other known packet networks like the LAN and WAN. A PC with a right sound card installed and a standard telephone are the two equipment needed for this purpose.
A protocol is a basic set of programs for network communication and it is also the most essential specification that needs to be noted when searching for Internet Protocol telephone devices. Moreover, protocols specify the software features that are used for the data communication, which covers the structure and information of the data packet. Nowadays, the most commonly used network protocols for the purpose of Internet protocol (IP) telephony are the following: AppleTalk, ATM, TCP/IP, Ethernet, 10/10 Ethernet, IPX, ControlNet, and DeviceNet.
Following the protocol, the next types of specifications that need to be considered for IP telephony are the port performance specifications and its features. To learn more about  IP Telephony, visit Yealink Dubai.   There are a lot of choices available for the users in order for them to choose the exact kind of port to purchase for their system like the ST, SC, MIC, RJ-45, BNC, AUI, USB and GBIC and a more others. Take note that to have the right and efficient working of IP telephony, the number of ports used is very essential.
Now for the proper use of the ports, make sure to consider these three important performance specifications, which includes the data rate, number of users and the operating temperature. It is very important and helpful for the users to ask for appropriate guidance from experts or qualified professional technicians for a better and stress-free experience when installing IP telephony.


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