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Posted by on July 17, 2018

Are you experiencing adverse menopause symptoms? If you are, you can consider trying out hormone replacement therapy. This form of therapy will help to alleviate adverse menopause symptoms, which are often caused by hormonal imbalances. For hormone replacement therapy to be effective, it must be carried out by professionals. Thus, you will have to find a reputable clinic that can render professional services. With so many hormone replacement therapy clinics out there, how can you identify the best clinic? Outlined below, are essential questions that can help you to tell if your preferred clinic is ideal or not.

Ask About the Practitioner’s Competence

A practitioner’s competence can go a long way in determining the effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy. A competent practitioner ought to have gone through thorough training in endocrinology, and graduated successfully. In addition, they ought to also be accredited and licensed. Since there are diverse developments and changes in the field of endocrinology, it would be best to work with practitioners who stay up-to-date with changes in the field, maybe, through continuing education programs.

Which Hormones Do You Use During Replacement Therapy?

Hormones are essential body components that affect how the body functions. If a practitioner were to, for example, use hormones that are not similar to those produced by your body, you would experience adverse effects that would affect your health negatively. You should, in this case, not be hesitant to find out the kind of hormones used. Make sure to select a clinic that uses bio-identical hormones. Unlike synthetic hormones, these hormones are similar to those produced by the body. As a result, they cannot trigger any adverse effects.  Start here!

Do You Have Good Facilities?

It would be advisable to choose Core Medical Group clinic that has great facilities. A good clinic ought to have well-equipped laboratories. With a well-equipped laboratory, practitioners can carry out diagnostic tests, which are essential for successful hormone replacement therapy. In addition, a good clinic ought to have well-maintained and clean wards. It would be best to visit different clinics. During the visits, you should check the facilities. You should, then, choose a clinic that has the best facilities.

Can I Talk to Some of Your Past Patients?

The only way you can get first-hand information about a clinic, is by talking to patients that underwent hormone replacement in that clinic. A reputable clinic should not be hesitant to introduce you to its former clients. You should select a clinic whose former patients were pleased with the results of their hormone replacement therapies.


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