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Posted by on July 17, 2018

It has been a while since doctors routinely prescribe HRT or hormone replacement therapy to women who are in their menopausal stage or are just starting to experience menopausal symptoms. But to most people, this treatment procedure is still unheard of. So, let’s tackle HRT and learn more info about its pros and cons.

HRT is a medical treatment used to increase the body’s natural hormone levels. As women enter the menopausal stage, the natural amount of estrogen and even progesterone drops significantly! This phenomenon can lead to various symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, painful intercourse, dryness of vagina, abrupt mood swings, and insomnia. With HRT, these symptoms are minimized.

There are two types of therapies namely estrogen therapy and estrogen/progesterone therapy. Those who undergo surgical menopause are often prescribed with estrogen therapy alone. The combination of estrogen and progesterone is most appropriate for women who still have their uterus and undergoing menopause naturally. Estrogen alone can be harmful for women who have the natural onset of menopause because it increases the risk of having endometrium cancer. These two treatments are offered in various clinics such as the Core Medical Group, check it out!

However, not all women are eligible for hormone replacement therapy. The most probable candidates for HRT are those who experience moderate to extreme menopausal symptoms and those who have a history of osteoporosis. In contrast, women with heart disease, breast cancer, liver disease, blood clotting problems, and minimal or no menopausal symptoms are not advised to take this treatment.

Both estrogen therapy and estrogen progesterone therapy are administered through a gel, a pill, a vaginal cream, or a patch. Creams are given to those who have isolated vaginal symptoms. Some doctors believe that a patch having low dosage is the most efficient delivery method because it directs the hormones immediately into the bloodstream eliminating the risk of developing metabolic risk factors since it completely bypasses the liver. Start now!

In closing, hormone replacement therapy is technically not the most foolproof method related to menopause but it is still effective in minimizing the effects of menopausal stage. That is why, there are facilities now that offer testosterone replacement therapy for male menopause like the hrt clinics in Florida. However, if you wish to undergo HRT, be always reminded to go for the lowest dosage possible in the shortest amount of time because these treatments can also have harmful side effects if administered in high levels. That said, HRT remains to be the safest method we have to treat menopausal symptoms.


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