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Posted by on March 2, 2019

You probably have heard of electronic cigarette or vape. Seeing your friends using it or hearing it from radio, watching it from TV ads or advertised on social media, it sure piques your interest what is it about and the effects it has. In the event that you don’t have clues on what vape is, then it may feel like everything is confusing.

In fact, even the associated terms sound so foreign. From coils, mods, sub ohm, tanks, clearomizers, juice etc. all of them carries a different meaning when used in this industry. For most people, they feel uneasy when trying to learn something that they are not comfortable at. But don’t worry, we will be talking about every component that makes a vape set up, how individual pieces work and some aspects that you need to know to make the most of your vaping experience in an easy to understand matter.

If you’re serious to get into vaping, then must take time to read the points below.

How vape works?

Those who want to vape for the first time only have one question, how it works? Actually, this is a simple question but with a bit complex answer. But like what we said, everything will be simplified. The tank of your device holds the e-juice or the liquid. The cotton wicks inside is used to absorb the juice. Whenever you have activated the coils, the clearomizer or tank heats up and then, the juice will evaporate while you inhale the vapour.

Where are these devices made from?

Ecig looks complex device but the truth is, it’s extremely easy to use. It just converts liquid to vapour. However, you need to know that there are different ecigs available to fit different kinds of use as well as the people who need it. The entire device is called atomizer which is available in 3 different types including the clearomizer, cartomizer and the glassomizer. Ecigs are made up of battery which is called as tank, mod and coils, see more options here.

What type of tank must be used?

It’s difficult to say which particular vape component is more important because every vape user has a different take regarding this issue. It is you who will be able to answer this question as you start on vaping. Kindly visit this link for useful reference:

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from this article and expanded your knowledge on how you can make the best of your vaping experience.

You can learn more by checking out right here:

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