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Posted by on August 9, 2018

Cellular telephones operate using data networks throughout the country. Connections, coverage, roaming costs, and signals are all based on plans, locations, and clearance. There will be some spots where the signal will cut out, some plans that include free long distance and some that do not. The strength and design of cell phones also contribute to the how well signals are received. This same network is also used to provide a technological breakthrough that makes mobile business communication fast and effective.

Phones Lower Productivity

When using a phone for conversing with coworkers, collaborators, clients, or supervisors, professionals must stop what they are doing, look up contact numbers, and dial the phone. This process does not take long for one call but will add up if several calls are required all day every day. Organizing teams and work groups for a conference call is a logistical nightmare. Each member must be in an area with clear reception, needs to wait for everyone to connect to the call, and will hopefully be able to understand each other.

Push to Talk (PTT)

Using a Peak Push To Talk system is easier, safer, and more cost-efficient. Devices that resemble walkie-talkies replace smart phones. One button is all it takes to connect to a supervisor, one coworker, or the whole project team. It is possible because each device is equipped with a subscriber identity module, better know as a SIM card. Devices are pre-programmed to include specific talk groups based on information provider by the business owner upon ordering the service.

The dispatch software is used by the owner or supervisor to contact individuals or groups. There is also the option to speak to all business employees at the same time. The supervisor can manage teams in different geographical areas, answer questions, and help address problems or issues. The situation is perfect for industries such as transportation, event planning, development or construction projects, medical emergency services, and many more.

Low Start-Up Costs

Switching from phones to PTT devices is easy and inexpensive. Opening a new business is also better with devices instead of phones for a few reasons. One is to eliminate extensive initial costs and frequent costs to update as technology advances.

Phones and plans are expensive and must be upgraded every year or two to keep up with the newest features. PTT devices are set up with 4G LTE capabilities and will not need to be upgraded for up to four years or more. Take full advantage of data networks and cut down on overhead costs at the same time.

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