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Posted by on August 23, 2018

For those of you out there who are offering a service or are producing a specific product under a trademark or a brand name, it would be best for you to make sure that you are protecting your commercial advantage, your position in the market and even the identity of your business and you can do so by trademark registration. Trademark registration is something attainable by means of filing an application at the Office of Intellectual Property Registration of the country you are in or you can fill up an application as part of a community registration.

If there is one thing that you should know when it comes to trademark registration, that would be the fact that they are considered as and at first sight and immediate evidence, proving that you own the registered trademark, either goods, services or a combination of both, which are protected by the registration. Additionally, you should know by now that among other intellectual property rights, trademark registration is by far the most affordable and the quickest way of securing monopoly rights, especially since you can obtain it in four months or less.

Yes, it is true that rights that are unregistered are recognized at a common law through the tort of transitory of, however if a claimant will bring such an action, there is a need for him or her to present proof of ownership, which can be stressful and burdensome. It will be a different story if the owner has applied for a trademark registration as his ownership will be advertised extensively, but if not, there is a big possibility of taking several years or more to accrue enforceable passing of rights which should be supported by evidences. Thankfully, trademark registration has been widely advertised now, hence those who wants to register their products or their service under their brand name can achieve it fast and with less expenses, otherwise, they will have to spend much just to produce a passing off action that is successful. To know more, check out iGERENT.

There are other things that we want you to know regarding trademark registration such as that it is not only powerful, but it has a benefit that is two-fold as well. Trademark registration is something that will give owners assurance that they will not only have the right to continuously use their trademark, but also will have a powerful tool that they can use in trying to prevent others from using products or services that are identical or confusingly similar to the ones they already have registered. And also, you have to bear in mind all the time that registering your trademark as soon as you have it will protect it and secure it from the use of others cause if you do not do so and others find out about it and registered it or they created a similar one and registered it ahead of you, the tables may turn and you will lose your right over it. Check out here for more info:

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