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Posted by on September 13, 2018

People with pre-existing condition may find it a challenge to find good rates for their travel insurance policy. No need to worry because there are such travel insurance with certain conditions and have rates that would base on the kind of illness that you presently have.

Be aware that on the side of the insurance companies, they are taking a greater risk on someone that they will insure who are known to have health issues. This is for the fact that they anticipate things to happen that may need them to have medical care when they travel. Because of this scenario, the insurance company may exclude the condition or put it on the policy but charging higher rate to the insured for providing such coverage.

It is good to ask and know the term pre-existing condition, and what insurance companies consider as such in order to avoid confusion. This is simply described as a condition where the person to be insured has any illness or disease that is previously diagnosed, and even cured. Also, if you are encountering symptoms of an illness or disease, even if not yet diagnosed, these can be considered as pre-existing conditions especially when you purchase a travel insurance such from travelĀ AardvarkCompare.

Among the health problems that can be categorized as pre-existing conditions are chronic issues like asthma, acute diseases and others, and if these conditions were present before the policy is issued, these could be grounds for exclusions or qualified for a policy with higher premium.

And so in getting your travel insurance policy, your cheapest way to get it is to choose a policy that excludes pre-existing conditions. This means that your policy will not provide any coverage for your medical bills on your conditions that were diagnosed before the issuance of the insurance policy. Although it is reasonable at that time to choose for the exclusion because of the higher fee, there is also a risk factor involved which would depend on the person concern. Learn more at this site.

Take note that if you fail to inform the insurance company about your pre-existing condition, you may end up lacking of coverage while you travel if in the event you have health issue. Thus, most standard travel insurance would have policies with pre-existing condition clause and will offer you a wide range of selection of policies and prices of these policies. You can contact brokers or services too in order to get several quotes in order to make your choice.

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