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Posted by on September 13, 2018

Travel insurance is very important to have when you are traveling because it can cover any possible accidents and misfortunes to happen like cancellation of flight, loss of luggage or unfortunate accidents. Travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions covers not only the typical unforeseen misfortunes while traveling but also covers any cost of care for whatever medical condition a traveller has in the past or currently. If you are a traveller but has medical condition or a history of illness, you should be availing the travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition to have it covered in case of emergency. You just have to pay extra cash to upgrade your travel insurance.

There are things that you need to know when buying travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition.

1. Insurance only covers unpredictable events while you are traveling. The future is unpredictable that you may not know when an accident might happen. You need to get ready about it and if it happens, travel insurance will take care of you.

2. Before buying travel insurance, you need to declare your history of illness or current medical conditions so that it will be covered when it happens. You have to declare your medical conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, breathing conditions, diabetes or gastrointestinal conditions. Whatever it is, as long as your confidentiality is not being forsaken, you should tell the agency more about your medical condition.

3. As soon as you have been booked for a flight, you should buy the travel insurance too so that you can be covered with any cancellation or having illness prior to the trip. This is very important to consider because when you buy insurance right after you have booked a flight, the insurance will cover your cost once your conditions worsens before your scheduled flight. Check out –

4. It is also important to remember that not all policies in the travel insurance companies are the same. You need to read and understand all the protocol and policies made by the travel insurance, so that you will know any exclusion and any inclusions in the contract. Also you have to know if you can change the contract for your own benefit.

Now you know the importance of travel insurance especially if you have a pre-existing condition. You can never tell what will happen in the future, that is why we need to be careful and buy travel insurance as you travel.


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