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Posted by on July 12, 2020

One of the main goals of a website is to convey information to a specific audience. There are different purposes of a website for people and companies. It can be selling products and services or giving information. A website needs to have a design to retain the audience and establish its credibility. Therefore, this is where website design takes place.

Web design is composed of a variety of skills and disciplines in terms of the maintenance and production of websites. Some of the web design areas include graphic and interface design, search engine optimization, authoring, and user experience design. These are the areas that you need to pay attention to make strong navigation and easy call to action for your website.

Nowadays, there is great competition in the digital design because of the development and constant changes in technology. However, the simplicity of web design is still preferred by most viewers because it is easier to navigate, and it is not complicated to use. If you are planning on availing a website design service, there are many good website design Brisbane services in the area that can help you.


Characteristics of an engaging website design

It is important to know the characteristics of an engaging website design that you can apply and take note of for your website. These characteristics are easy to attain, and you can apply them easily for your website.

Simple layout. It is important to keep the website layout simple. As mentioned earlier, simplicity is still embraced by the audience. A simple layout does not mean that it is boring; it means that you should focus on the essential elements that your website needs. It is recommended to have a clean and functional layout because it makes your website easier to navigate, load, and use on other devices and platforms. In the website design, you will notice that they have visuals with little text to make it easy for the audience to engage with the copy.

Easy to navigate. If you want your audience to spend a longer time on your website, make sure to provide a web design that is easy to use and explore. However, you may be tempted to make a creative navigation menu design for your website, but remember that simplicity and information are vital. Make your menus in standard appearance because it helps your audience feel at ease as they explore your website. The website design has a standard navigation menu that will help you easily find the content that you are looking for.

Proper calls to action. You need to know what you want your audience to do on your website. Once you identify the calls to action that you want for your website, then you can design them to stand out and catch the attention of the audience visiting your website. You can choose your audience to sign up, buy products, donate, or avail services. It is better to use short and direct text on the buttons. The color of the buttons also matters. For instance, you should use bright buttons beside the navigation bar and use strong calls to action in your content.

Engaging content. For your audience to not get bored and lose interest on your website, you should have engaging content. To achieve an engaging content, you should only show the text and visual elements that will make them take action. With this, you can control which products or services you want your audience to pay attention to. Besides, you should do a great job explaining why your audience needs your products or services because it will help you reach your goal and increase the leads on your website.

It should have a whitespace. Do not be afraid to have whitespace on your website. It lets the eyes of your audience to relax and rest. It does not have to be white. It should have no text or image. With proper use of whitespace, it improves the readability of your website, and it removes clutter on your website design. It can help you control the focus and attention on your website, and it provides a way to divide features and ideas so you can perceive what you want your visitors to see in a glance. In website design, the noisy and crowded layout should be avoided because it will make visitors leave. That is why you should have whitespace on your website design.

Impressive and pleasant colors. The color of your website will make or break the audience retention period. If the color of your website hurts in the eyes, people will tend to leave right away. You should pick a color that will build the foundation of your website design. The color should be contrasting and pleasing to the eyes. There are color palettes that you can choose from to build your brand color and your website color. The colors should be complemented with each other. Do not use color combinations that are too vibrant because it will have a bad result.

Readable fonts. The font style is important for your website. Never use difficult-to-read fonts because the audience might stop reading your content if the fonts are hard to read. The fonts complement the overall look of your website, so if you use an out-of-the-world font, the attention of the readers might be directed to the font and not on the content of your website. Clean and readable fonts are a must if you want your audience to read the copy of your website.


Now that you know the characteristics of engaging website design, you can use it to improve its overall performance and appearance. Sharing this vital information with you will bring success and growth to your website, so you should not hesitate and apply these characteristics to your website. There are lots of website design in Brisbane where you can get some ideas for your website.


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