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Posted by on July 31, 2020

Patek Philippe Nautilus is a brand name understood to create the best watches for men and women in the present time. The business supplies the most up to date and distinct styles at high prices. The costs might be high yet the truth is that these watches are unrivaled when it concerns design and also quality. The topnotch look and also fantastic top quality of the watches has actually made it a status icon for the elite course participants. In this post, I will certainly discuss several of the collections used by this business so that it is simple for the buyers to understand the fundamental features of their large collection.


These well-developed collections include look for both the gender. Let’s check out them briefly together.




These are made with timeless touch and also unique appearance. As its name indicates, it looks historical and traditional in look. Calatrava is in fact an ancient place in Spain – – this is what it has been called after. These straightforward but sophisticated watches do not have lots of decorations but they look just sensational with their great surface.


Golden Ellipse


This collection consists of a high variety of rectangular watches. These are decorated with golden and also other striking colors. The dials are big and prominent.




This collection includes a number of forms such as trapezium as well as tonneau. Readily available in both Arabic as well as Roman characters, these watches are easy, yet stylish.




Designed for athletes as well as sportswomen, these watches are readily available in a number of designs. They are water-proof and also edgy.




Perfect for laid-back as well as official usage, these watches are available in steel such as silver and gold. The dials are designed in different ways as well as the numerals include numerous styles.


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