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Posted by on March 3, 2020

But there are plenty of others bringing automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and so much more into the fold. Waterline Data, a company out of Mountain View, is now gaining some attention and praise for its automated data cataloging capabilities, which makes it a whole lot easier for organizations to quickly discover, govern and actually use their data for informed decision making. Unravel Data combines machine learning and AI to automatically analyze, troubleshoot and optimize performance and utilization of big data apps. These are just a few of the value added vendors that are making big data easier to use through automation.

The big data world is automating and evolving.  Just as O’Reilly can rename the Strata+Hadoop conference to Strata Data to acknowledge the progression of the space beyond Hadoop to encompass a broader big data theme, Hadoop itself will still remain one star among an increasing number of constellations that are operating in the big data universe. And some of the brightest stars will be in extending that universe through automation that simplifies and hides the underlying complexity that makes big data so powerful.

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As a result, the big data space will continue to attract thoughtful innovators and venture capital. We may not hear about “Hadoop” as much, as Mr. Anadiotis wrote. But if we continue to lend big data our ears, it will keep singing its song.

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