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Posted by on August 26, 2018

Air filters that are canister shaped are the only ones that can be cleaned using the air filter blaster.  The air filter absorbs dust particles hence ensuring good quality of the air that gets into the engine. It is now possible to reuse your air filter for diesel engines. This has been made possible by the introduction of the air filter blaster. The air filter blaster is a necessity for any person operating a diesel engine in a dusty environment.


You don’t have to dispose of your air filter if only you have used it for one time.  A rotor head had to be connected to the shaft in order for the air filter cleaner to work.  The air filter cleaner has to be placed inside the filter.  You need to join the shaft of the air filter cleaner to a valve that has pressurized air The filter will be cleaned when you move the shaft up and down.  You can visit to learn more.


It is important to note that for the air filter is not destroyed by the pressurized air because the air filter blaster self-regulates itself.  The air cleaner blaster portable unit is such efficient that within less than a minute you will realize that your air filter is clean.



Many dealer are now selling the air filter blaster.  You can purchase the air filter cleaner anytime you want because it is easily available in dealer shops near you.  You will enjoy full benefits of using an air cleaning blaster if you buy an original one. Do not be afraid of using your diesel engine in dusty conditions because the air filter blaster will sort you out.


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