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Posted by on June 18, 2018


Epoxy floor is a surface of the floor composed of several layers of the epoxy material that covers the floor to a depth of about 2 millimetres. Other than epoxy floor, the epoxy material can be used as a coating to another floor when its depth is less than 2 millimetres. The major components of the epoxy material used in epoxy flooring includes hardeners and resins. The hardeners and resins when combined undergo some chemical reactions producing a plastic material that is rigid, strong, resistant to any form of degradation and also form strong bonds with its substrates. Due to the great strength of epoxy floor, it is highly suited forĀ  residential building, commercial building and industrial environments. Check the website about flooring here.


When one is building, one can consider one out of the various types of epoxy floors to use. These various types of epoxy floors can include self-dispersing, self-dispersing containing quartz sand, self-levelling, mortar floors, gravelled floors, terrazzo floors, antistatic floors, and flaked floors. Epoxy floors highly suited where there is heavy use and high traffic are the self-dispersing floors, self-dispersing floors containing quartz sand are good in anti-slip while the self-levelling floors are suitable for homes since they can be cleaned and maintained easily. Other epoxy floors and their suitability as well as properties includes the mortar floors are the strongest and can be used to cover cracks before laying another epoxy floor, gravelled floors are very decorative to sight while terrazzo floors are also beautiful and can be used for large spaces. Areas that are very sensitive to static forces can be applied with the antistatic floors to keep off the forces while flaked floors can be used to prevent slipping since they have a rough surfaces and have chips or the flakes that decorate the floor. If you want to learn more about flooring, click here.


A person who uses epoxy floor in their either residential, commercial or industrial building can enjoy several benefit. Epoxy floors are very durable and can last a long time hence saving on cost of doing regular repairs and also time used for the repairs. The epoxy floors are very strong such that they cannot be damaged even by chemical substances that may find their way on the floor. It is usually very easy to maintain epoxy floors as well as clean them since their porosity is usually reduced. With reduced chances of chances of slipping, extreme impact, temperature and even fire, the safety of people and building with epoxy floors is well enhanced. Epoxy floors are also available in many colours and patterns which enables a person to select the most suitable one for use. There are damaging substances such as moisture, grease, stains as well as cracks that may find their way into the concrete but this is prevented if epoxy flooring is used. Read more about flooring at this website about flooring.


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