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Posted by on August 9, 2018

Having the best vehicles for your business is a huge part of making that business successful. When it comes to long hours, long drives and long days, a reliable truck with a powerful diesel engine can make all the difference in the world. Making sure your engine is working in top condition and performing at its highest can turn uncertainty into security, especially when that engine proves itself over and over again in the harshest conditions, terrain and with heavy payloads. Making certain your truck is running the best doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are tools available to streamline the optimization process. Here is a quick overview of some of those tools.

Add Your Own Adjustments To The Truck’s Computer

Devices called sct tuners are designed for one thing – to get into your truck’s computer and figure out how to make it run better. With wi-fi capabilities, tuning presets and a variety of options, tuners can upgrade your truck’s programming for exceptional horsepower and torque, smooth power delivery and quiet, more efficient engine operation. Custom designed tuners are easy to find from most diesel service stores or websites and can be adjusted to your vehicle and any modifications you may have done to it. Giving your vehicle’s computer a boost can pay dividends in performance and reliability.

Isolate Engine Problem Points and Minimize Them

Five key aspects of an engine have been identified by company Bulletproof Diesel as being the most likely places for engines to fail. This company has worked for over a decade to perfect engine upgrades specifically for diesel 6.0L engines and found that the OEM oil cooler, the OEM EGR cooler, the fuel injector power supply, the cylinder head studs and the OEM water pump are the five main pattern failures that occur with this specific engine. Devising a kit for each of these areas, reinforcements at connecting points, tubing, coolant and oil pathways are proven to extend the life of your engine and its capacity for performance.

A reliable vehicle is a peace of mind and the freedom to perform your job time and time again. Consider tuners and engine kit upgrades to keep that peace of mind at all times.

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