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Posted by on May 16, 2019

Mobile retail app is a one-stop store platform that convey the art and knowledge of retail execution and merchandising as well as allowing retailers and trade names to gain visibility to the clients and manage more products to be equipped for implementation, search for comprehensive logic on store executions as well as allowing communication to occur in real time connecting stores, field teams, and the headquarters. This retail app is easily accessible from devices such as tablets, computers that are safe from viruses and mobile phones. The Foko Retail mobile retail app is tailor-made to how institutions are constituted therefore making it user-friendly. mobile retail can save an organization money because all the works are combined into one platform. Below are the advantages of mobile retail:

Mobile retail app makes communication more efficient where all people engaged across the multiple stores in different regions are able to keep in touch with everyone in all the departments, this means that if one wants to share information to the members of the organization, it can be done on group chats making it very easy, efficient and interesting at the same time. With mobile retail, all communication of a company is kept in a confidential manner.

Sharing of documents and storage for many retailers requires the use of other gadgets so as to circulate the documented files making it hard for the stores to inactive. With the retail software, files and documents are shared both in a direct way or even with several users. It does not give a chance to any attention grabber and upon delivery, feedback is in real time in case there is any explaining to be made on the sent documents. This documents and files are further kept in a centralized safe location unlike with the intranets. Click here to know more about mobile retail software that are customized to suit your needs.

With mobile retail, there is no data crisis as it reduces the amount of work as one does not need to have excel or spreadsheet on a google drive which tends to be tedious and monotonous entering the data. This retail application computerizes the data collected providing insights about the stores’ executions and how the teams will undertake the orders. Mobile retail software customizes retail audits easily on mobile products and monitors their progress as they flow in. about how their stores are looking and monitor the insights and progress as they come. In conclusion, this retail apps make merchandising easy and leave companies connected in a simple and safe way. To learn more about mobile retail software click here:


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