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Posted by on March 10, 2019

Every time you have raw data or property that needs to be measured, taken and then transformed in a form that can be analyzed electronically, a data acquisition system will be used to do that work. A USB data acquisition device is made to change the physical world signals into a language that the computer recognizes to carry out tasks such a mathematical calculations, given that the software used gives that output. Data acquisition systems also abbreviated as DAS take analog signals captured by individual sensors that generate electrical signals into digital data that is ready to be processed by the computer. Visit – LabJack

Majority of computers that people know nowadays are digital but the first computers to be used in the previous century were analog, so many people are not conversant with taking analog waveforms in any given state. For example, consider a situation where one had to check the temperature of a person using mercury filled stick that you put below the tongue of an analog person, compare that to the current method where you use a digital ear probe. That shows the transition from analog to digital measurement. What is being talked about here is the measuring of physical properties including; gas pressure, fluid flow, the strength of light and other time’s temperature. The fact that a data acquisition system can distinguish between qualities and quantities of numerous mediums that are to be measured makes it an essential piece of hardware.

Data acquisition systems are also responsible for sending back information from the space back to earth in all sorts of physical manner. For instance, think about all the data that has been received from mars. Data acquisition equipment is merely the link between a signal and the computer. A piece of equipment such a USB oscilloscope can connect with a DAQ USB interface plug. The connection with a laptop or a desktop computer enables improved speed of both recording and collection of data and the actual sorting out of that data. In the process of collecting data, bad data (noise) can be obtained as well due to poorly fitted sensors or a broken lead wire or a section of the wire that is weak. Programs meant for debugging can identify and solve the data by filling in the lost signal with the most logical step produced by innovative mathematical possibilities. Data acquisition and data acquisition systems are part of many research programs, ranging from atmospheric conditions on mars to how air flows over a wing of a new plane or how wind resistance is on a new design of a car.

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