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Posted by on September 20, 2018


The topic mainly discusses about the ways to fix Bluetooth not working in windows 10 operating systems. We will face many problems when installing Bluetooth in our systems such as “YOUR APP DOES’NT WORK WITH WINDOWS 10”. It is used to happen in windows 8, 8.1 etc. but now it is an issue in case of windows 10 also.  Even Microsoft had not solved the problem in windows 10.

When we are connecting Bluetooth to our system it shows an error which means that, by the installation of that particular app our system might get damaged. So it insists to use the latest version if the Bluetooth to work it in windows 10. Then we have to download the latest version of Bluetooth and install in our system which works efficiently.

Main Factors of the Problem:

There will be a particular reason for every problem which has been raised. The main factors for causing the Bluetooth problem in windows 10 include:

  • Problems related to Bluetooth device itself.
  • A new installed software in our system which raises some issues.
  • Inappropriate problems performed on the system.
  • Outdated version of the Bluetooth device
  • Lack of Bluetooth drivers etc.

The above factors mainly affect the system and are the important terms for this problem.

Best Solutions for the Problem:

There are 6 best solutions to avoid windows update error 0x80070057 problem. The solutions include:

  • Check the compatibility of the Bluetooth devices
  • Clean up the viruses which raises conflicts in Bluetooth functioning
  • Enable the Bluetooth support services
  • Check Bluetooth settings in windows 10
  • Update Bluetooth driver in windows10
  • Finally, restore the system.

The above solutions works well in windows 10 system as they are mainly used to avoid various conflicts regarding the Bluetooth. We will discuss one after the other.

Check the compatibility of the Bluetooth devices:

First, we have to check the Bluetooth we are using is compatible to the windows OS i.e. for windows 8, windows 8.1 etc. then we have to check the version of the Bluetooth. If it is a 10 years old device then we had to change the hardware for that device or buy a new device of updated version.

Next step is to make settings in the windows 10 system regarding the Bluetooth and identifying whether the system is recognizing the device or not. If it is not recognizing then we can say it is the old version device and had no effect for connecting the system.  Finally, if the device is connected to the system, then put on the Bluetooth setting for both system and on the device.

Clean the viruses which effect the functioning of Bluetooth:

Mostly, some of the malware and viruses cause these types of problems. So, one has to remove such type of conflicts to avoid this particular type of problems. To resolve this malware, we can run the system in a safe mode to clear out all these type of programs and viruses. Other way is to use the antivirus software to trouble shoot all the conflicts raised in the system.

We will see some of the bugs which are installed in our system might cause lot many problems in case of connecting Bluetooth to the windows 10. Such types of bugs are needed to be uninstalled to avoid these conflicts.

Enable the Bluetooth support services:

For every device connected to the system it has its particular functions which would be running at the back of the system. One has to check for the backend functionalities of the Bluetooth are properly working or not. These types of functions have various support services which are to be enabled. So all the device support services are to be enabled.

Next step is to enable the Bluetooth support services and there after restart the system to work properly.

Check the Bluetooth settings in windows 10:

It is essential to check the Bluetooth settings on the system. If is not turned on, then that particular device will not work for that system. There are some of the cases to manage the Bluetooth settings on our system. They are as follows:

  • Enable Bluetooth by disabling the airplane mode:

As it is one of the devices in our system it should be disabled and the Bluetooth is to be enabled. For this activity we need to go to the start menu click on the Wi-Fi button and perform the above activities.

  • Mange the Bluetooth devices:

For this step, we need to go to settings and enable the Bluetooth. Then select the Bluetooth devices required and then close that particular window.

  • Find your Bluetooth device:

Finding of the Bluetooth device in that particular system mainly involves three steps. They are as follows:

  • Enter into the control panel of that system.
  • Check the hardware, sound, printers, devices etc.
  • If there is a Bluetooth icon double click on it and check for the options of services of Bluetooth in a list.

Update the Bluetooth driver in windows 10:

We are always recommended to use the updated versions of the Bluetooth devices to avoid faulty activities. So, one has to identify the Bluetooth drivers are manually updated or not. If not, there is a driver restore named driver update software which when installed in our system produces the latest versions of the system drivers within a few clicks.

Finally, download the latest version of the driver restore and proceed to further installations.

Restore the system:

System restore is also one the best solutions in which it is used for creating the system restore points to state where the Bluetooth is working.


In conclusion, we see many problems regarding this Bluetooth. The above solutions are worked to many of the PC’s and avoided such problems. So better perform these operations to avoid the faulty functionality of the Bluetooth devices.








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