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Posted by on September 5, 2018

It has been researched and observed that the American population, a third of the adult group are obese. This has been a concern to the government, as the health facilities do get overstretched with health issues that can be preventable and controlled. It only takes a few guidance and education to correct the problem. With a busy schedule, many of the Americans are exposed, without a means of recusing to heavily rely on the vending machines in their place of work to feed and drink.

As one of the physiological need, humans will have to quench in order to recoup lost energy during work. And with no legislation in controlling the proliferation of vending machines, a lot of these machines often do shortchange consumers by offering substandard products. The products are often not of health concern, they eventually cause more people to have health issues and overstretching the hospital facilities. However, by having healthy vending machines, placed in strategic places in offices and schools, it could help alleviate health related diseases and encourage people to live healthily.

The reason why people adore having a distinctive machine is the monotonous breakage it has; the availability of healthy vending machines has given rise to optional snacks. This has given a wide berth on the over-reliance on the traditional vending machines that had one option of snacks on offer. A healthy vending machine has a capacity to store numerous options for snacks, freshly stored with a life shelf period. A business that offer options in the products on offer on their vending machines, it creates a culture of connectivity with its consumers and shows concern about their eating habit. The company sort of gives a corporate social responsibility image to their consumers. Through having healthy vending machines, the consumers will have a positive perception of the business, improving their relationship in the long term. Healthy living will be portrayed by those consuming the products through happiness an increase in productivity within the organization. This makes it a win-win situation for both parties.

Healthy vending machines are more appreciated in their functions in locations where the consumers are healthier conscious and would appreciate in having a good nutrition, and healthy leaving benefit. Conveniently located in gyms, instead of having the normal mineral water or carbonated soda, the business owner could have iced tea with no preservative placed to quench the thirst of those working out in the gym. In schools, do away with the carbonated soda and have the natural juice that has been organically produced. This will blend well with the people on a busy schedule, by having to be on their way with these products. With many people being aware of the consequence of eating unhealthy food, they will most likely avoid such vending machines by opting for healthy vending machines products.

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