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Posted by on December 11, 2018

Since cannabis is legalized in most of the states, a lot of people are using it, and that leads to a high demand for it. Therefore, farmers must look for new methods of growing cannabis so that it meets the high demand in the market. Several methods are available for growing cannabis, but the latest one is the vertical growing system. It is gaining popularity among most cannabis farmers due to its outstanding benefits. Before you embrace vertical growing system for cannabis, you should know a few this so that you do it successfully. Here are the key things that you should note. There are more info you can get about cannabis growing systems.

Install LED lights that give adequate light to all cannabis plants. It is recommendable to use LED lights because other types of lights can burn cannabis plants. Further, the LED lights should be close to the plants. Avoid wastage of space and ensure that the plants are accessible so that you can give them attention which leads to high-quality cannabis.

Ensure that you have enough space around the racks. Usually, farmers or investors want high profits from growing cannabis, and therefore, they pack the plant room beyond the recommended capacity. However, that might lead to adverse results because workers cannot carry out routine practices and you might end up with poor quality cannabis plants. Enough spacing allows easy plumbing, air circulation, and easy accessibility. All of your questions about cannabis growing systems will be answered when you click homepage.

Incorporate how to manage wastewater in the design of the vertical growing system. Each state has regulations on the kind of waste that should go down the drain. Floor drains are popularly used since they are less expensive and convenient, but in other states, you should treat the nutrient-rich water before you channel it to the drain. Therefore, you should know the regulations in your state and find a professional plumber to design the system so that it works efficiently. In most cases, a lot of people ignore the importance of wastewater management, but it turns out to be expensive after a considerable duration.

Opt for short-growing and non-stretchy strains. Beware of the numerous strains of cannabis and know that not all of them are suitable for growing in the vertical system. The long strains of cannabis are not the best for the vertical growing system because they might grow past the tier space. Additionally, you should find the disease resistance cannabis strains. Learn more details about cannabis at

Vertical growing system for cannabis is advantageous because it leads to a high yield of the best quality cannabis. It might be expensive to install, but you will reap the benefits in the long run when you do it correctly.


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