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Posted by on March 20, 2019

Herbs are great on food, and they make it very tasty, so instead of buying them from the nearby grocery every day, think of growing your own. Your backyard space is a perfect place to grow your herbs on beautiful pots. Herb plants add the value to your space with their beautiful flowers and colors and they also help freshen the air around you home. Growing herbs in pots is easy and quite fulfilling if you like spending time in nature, so if you are thinking of growing any herbs, you can use some help in making sure they are at their best health. Below are some of the tips on herb growing ideas.

Trying to grow the herbs from the seeds can be hard and time consuming, so think about buying seedlings that are already established to start with and you will be good to go. Growing the seeds take time with some varieties of herbs taking weeks to germinate, so to save you the hard time and work, get the already grown seedlings so that you can start your journey with them and you will have your herb garden ready in a short time.

Choose the right varieties of Mr Stacky herbs that you want to grow. You do not just grow the herbs for the sake of growing, but they should benefit you. So when you are choosing the type of herbs to grow, choose the species that you usually use in your foods so that they do not go on waste. Choose the kind of herbs that you can go to a grocery shop and buy.

Water your herb as regularly as they need it so that they do not dry up. The herb plants will need more water compared to the indoor plants, so compared to the climatic conditions of the place you live, make sure your herb plants get enough humid that they need to blossom well. Put your finger in the pot to test if the herbs need watering and if it feels dry for two inches then you will know it’s time to water your herbs.

Cut the herbs often after they establish so that you can promote bushy growth. When you cut down the growing leaves, you will be encouraging the growth of an extra stem in the same spot, and before you know it, your herb will be bushy and thicker and even more beautiful.

Add a little manure and compost to nourish your herbal plants. The herbs you grow are just like any other plant, so ensure you provide them with the necessary nutrients by adding manure regularly and you will love the beautiful herbs garden that your backyard will turn to be and enjoy the fresh herbs you pick for your kitchen. Learn more here:


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