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Posted by on May 27, 2019

Being fully cognizant of your vaping device does not only enhance the overall experience but is vital in its own right. Understanding the functioning of the interconnected parts of your vaping unit does not only help ensure that you will maintain and use it properly, but will also let you put together just about any vape.

Now, your vaporizer contains an atomizer, which is one of its more critical components. Indeed, without the atomizer, your vaping unit is essentially worthless. So, it is important that you the user gain full knowledge with regards to the atomizer and its functioning, and learn how the varied atomizer options available allow the creation of a custom-designed vaping experience that thrills to the limit.

Vape Atomizers: A Definition

In general, the term “atomizer” can be taken to represent any device that somehow changes liquid into a mist. When used with regards to vaping, atomizer refers to a device component that heats the vape juice so as to produce the flavorful and smokeable vapor.

Atomizers, or more specifically the heating coils found within them have their resistance measured in ohms. The precise ohms vary from atomizer to atomizer and there are even sub ohms atomizers that sport resistance levels that are lesser than 1.0 ohm.

Atomizers Vs Coils

The vaping world can be rather confusing, especially for noobs. The same term can be used to define several apparently unrelated concepts, which can be frustrating.
In the case of atomizers, sometimes it is specifically employed to refer to either the heating or vape coils that are present in the vaping unit. Occasionally, it can be used to refer to the device housing the coils, like a sub ohm tank or an RDA.

The Working Principles Of Atomizers

While an atomizer is a very vital part of a vaping unit, in actual fact it is an uncomplicated part with an uncomplicated functioning process. Thus, when users click on their vaporizer, the battery is activated and this powers the device components. This act results in the heating coils experiencing a gradual temperature climb.

Above the coil is a wick. This wick is produced from a wide range of materials like cotton and is soaked in the e-liquid that is in the vaporizer. When this wick is in contact with the coil it heats up the liquid. When the vaping liquid is hot enough it transforms into vapor.

Types Of Atomizers

In general, there are 4 main types of atomizers. These are as follows:

Disposable Atomizers- these are generally meant for novice vapers and are most often found in vaping starter packs. There are lots of them around and they tend to be quite cheap. While they are quite simple to use, the fact that new ones need to be frequently bought can add to the cost of ownership.
Replaceable Coil Head Atomizers- these are among the most common atomizers around and sport coil heads that can be easily replaced. They cost slightly more than the disposable ones, and to compensate for that have a few more features and customizability options. These atomizers can as well be washed out after use, essentially allowing users to switch between different flavors.
Rebuildable Atomizers- rebuildable atomizers, aka RDA allows the construction of one’s own vapor coils, thus fully customizing the vaping experience. Their construction and use require some skill and knowledge.
Clearomizer Atomizer- Clearomizer Atomizers refer to a specially built variant of atomizers that are just making their way into the vaping world. These are usually constructed out of clear polycarbonate plastic or Pyrex glass, which makes it rather easy to gauge the amount of vaping juice that is left inside. Such atomizers function essentially the same as other standard atomizers.

As to how long an atomizer can be safely used, the answer tends to vary a lot and is dependant on the type of atomizer under discussion. In general, disposable atomizers can be used for around a week, with the other types being more durable. However, this can vary depending on the vaping frequency.

What Is The Best Atomizer For You?

There is no best atomizer as such. Should you be in the market for one, the best thing to do would be to carefully take into account how much you want to spend, your level of skill and experience, how much you intend to customize your device and how much time you are willing to invest to realize your vaping dream.

It might be best for new vapers to make use of disposable atomizers from say, Vape Dubai, at least till they gain exposure about the whole process and get to know their vaping likes and dislikes. Later on, they can acquire increasingly sophisticated atomizers and load them up with sweet E-juices that deliver potently earth-shaking performances!


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