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Posted by on January 2, 2019

Many business owners have landscaping that includes a pond. They’ll want pond fountains to keep the water aerated and prevent stagnation. The pond and the fountains all create a sense of serenity that is helpful for employees who may be having a stressful day. The area can serve as an outdoor lunch area with picnic tables, and will also be visible from the windows.

The Importance of Aeration

Devices known as pond aerators are an essential part of water feature management in addition to enhancing the beauty of the environment. Without an ongoing supply of oxygen from bubbles, fish and beneficial organisms have trouble surviving. Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes because that’s where females lay their eggs. An abundant mosquito population is obviously aggravating to people who want to spend time near the pond.

Still water also can be vulnerable to excessive algae and duckweed growth. These problems are relatively common in still areas around riverbanks and edges of lakes where there is no strong current or routine wind activity. Water circulation provided by aeration systems keeps algae in check. Some of the plant growth will still occur, but without aeration, there will be more of it and algae blooms will begin happening more frequently. The chemical makeup of the water is changing due to lack of aeration.

These devices also are useful when heavy rain causes runoff into the water. Substances like fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide, and wastes deposited by squirrels and other critters are washed into the lake or pond. Aerators minimize the potential problems these substances can cause.

Equipment Styles and Features

A broad range of equipment styles keep the water moving. Paddle wheels, water wheels, pump sprayers and diffusers are a few examples. Water wheels can be pretty but also somewhat impractical, as they are intended to be at an edge of the water only. Their use isn’t so much for water circulation but for hydro-energy.

Multiple fountains can be used for larger water areas. Some fountains travel around the surface while others remain in one place. The equipment can include colored lights that look especially lovely at night. Those employees who are assigned to second and third shift appreciate being able to look outside and see that type of view. Many property owners need help deciding on the products they want to buy for their pond or lake. They may contact a supplier such as Living Water Aeration to have all their questions answered.

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