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Posted by on August 3, 2018

Hard water is a problem in many parts of the country. A water source is considered hard when it has a high level of mineral content. When large amounts of minerals are present in a water source, they can cause corrosion in the metal pipes and plumbing components of a home. It is wise for homeowners to seek a plumbing professional to learn about their options for a phoenix water softener.

How Does Hard Water Affect Homeowners?

Hard water can affect homeowners in many different ways. Water that has large amounts of minerals can cause the taste of the water to be altered. Minerals can also cause the water to appear cloudy or discolored.

Many people are surprised to learn hard water can also affect the health of their skin and hair. When a home has hard water, the occupants are more likely going to experience dry skin and irritations. They will also have drier and more damaged hair, due to the rough particles in the water.

One of the biggest issues homeowners face with hard water is problems with their plumbing system. Hard minerals are more likely to cause damage to pipes because they lead to corrosion. Homeowners who have hard water will often find themselves experiencing more frequent plumbing repairs than homeowners who do not.

What Can Be Done About Hard Water?

Thankfully, there are water softeners that can help individuals overcome hard water in their home. These filters help to treat the water source before it ever enters the home so damage is not done to the plumbing components.

Softened water has had the hard minerals filtered out and reverse osmosis is used to treat the water. This process makes the water healthier and tastier to drink and softens and moisturizes the skin and hair instead of causing damage.

To find out if a home has hard water, it is advised homeowners have their water tested by a plumber or water expert. Testing will reveal the hard mineral content of the water so the right softening treatments can be recommended.

Water softeners go to work immediately treating the water so the home is protected from the corrosive agents caused by hard minerals. These systems are now more affordable than ever and can allow homeowners to save great amounts of money on plumbing replacements and repair costs.

If you would like to have your water tested or learn more about these softeners, call today. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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