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Posted by on November 22, 2018

Being a homeowner is expensive. There are repairs, maintenance, yard work, replacing worn out appliances, insurance, property taxes, and all the utility bills. Making the transition from renter to homeowner can be overwhelming. Budgeting is a constant struggle as costs for everything from groceries to taxes continue to rise. There are some ways that homeowners can save money over the long-term to help keep some expenses down.

Maintenance Plans

The easiest and cheapest way to keep major household elements from needing expensive repairs is to participate in maintenance plans whenever possible. This saves money in a few ways. The first way is that routine maintenance does not get neglected. It is easy for a homeowner to forget about calling to have the roof inspected, the septic tank pumped out, or the furnace cleaned. Participation in a plan means the company calls you when maintenance is due to be scheduled.

Another way money is saved is by discounts on parts. When minor repairs are needed, a discount on parts can make a significant difference in the total bill. A plan also prevents small issues from becoming major ones that will cost much more money due to the extent of the resulting damage. A small leak in a roof, for example, will be noticed during a routine inspection and fixed at that point. Without an inspection, that leak becomes bigger and can ruin insulation, damage support beams, or cause damage in the walls.

Research before Adding a Structure


It is natural for homeowners to decide to add a structure on the property. Whether it is a tool shed, a garage, or a carport affects the value of the property and the taxes. A pre-fabricated, free-standing tool shed from a home improvement store, for example, is not considered a permanent structure and will not raise the taxes. Building a shed with a foundation on the property is considered a permanent structure and will raise taxes. Both will hold tools and keep them from becoming ruined in the elements, but one will cost you more money every year and one will not.

Eliminate Hard Water

The effects of hard water cost homeowners much more than they realize. Purchasing drinking water, buying new clothes frequently, and replacing appliances prematurely are all the results of hard water. Have a phoenix water softener system installed in the home to eliminate the problem and save a substantial amount of money every year of home ownership. Seek out an established company that can provide an assessment, recommendations, expert installation, and free estimates.

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