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Which are the Best and Worst Candy for Your Child’s Teeth

All parents are aware that candies are not recommended for children. Mostly, candies are known to be the main cause of teeth cavities. Moreover, eating dozens of candies may lead to suffering from stomach disorders as well.

Hence, parents prevent their children to eat candies however, their children anyhow eat candies putting their oral health at risk.

Actually, stopping a child to eat candy isn’t a fruitful decision. Thus, as a parent you can consult a pediatric dentist to understand more in detail about whether providing candies to your child is a good decision or not.

Surely, your dentists would help you to understand the reasons for preventing a child to eat candy and even help out to find a solution to your problem.

Many skilled Pediatric dentist cypress TX, such as Orion Dental Specialists have three decades of experience in treating all kinds of children’s oral health problems. They always deal with parent’s concerns about their children eating lots of sugary candies. Expert dentists have few suggestions tucked in their sleeves.

They suggest parents firstly understand what is good and bad candy before buying them for their child. According to them, there are candies in the market that is suitable to consume and doesn’t damage teeth if relished in limited quantity.

Here are the kind of candy you can give your child:

  • Sugar-free candy: In the market, you get them and there are even homemade candies that do not have sugar. The sweetening ingredients may be dates, jaggery or any plant-based sweet flavor. Sugar is one of the main culprits causing tooth decay and thus need to be avoided.

Another benefit of eating sugar-free candy is that it aids in the production of saliva. Hence, the oral parts inside the mouth gets cleaned easily and there are lesser chances of plaque formation.

  • Chocolate: It is unbelievable however it is a fact that chocolate is good for the overall health of the teeth. The prime reason is that chocolate washes from the teeth fast and thus no sticking in the gaps between them or over the enamel.

The dark chocolate is more preferred kind as it contains less sugar. Some medical experts even say that dark chocolate even helps to improve the strength of the enamel.

  • Candy with nuts: Usually people avoid candies because it easily sticks to the teeth. The consumers need to brush their teeth to remove them. However, the nuts present in the candy prevent them to stick and the crunchiness helps to prevent plaque.

The candies need to avoid given to your child:

  • Sour candies: They are acidic and coated with sugar. Dentists even state that the sourness damages the tooth enamel and the chemical ingredients of it will cause tooth decay. Even brushing the teeth immediately would insert the chemicals inside the gaps between the teeth. Hence, best to avoid buying sour candies.
  • Sticky candy: The candies stick everywhere in the mouth and some even can’t be brushed out. However, the worst part is that kids love these kinds of candies as they can slowly move their tongue over the sticking candy and enjoy the sweet taste for few more minutes. The lingering sugar in the mouth for a long time isn’t good for dental health, thus it is best to stop giving them to your kids.
  • Hard candy: It won’t melt fast and needs to be chewed more. It remains in the mouth for longer time thus, possess a danger to dental health. Sometimes eating more of them can even chip the tip and is not at all good for enamel.

It is hard to prevent your child from any form of candies. Even Cypress TX pediatric dentist advises parents to take precautions after their child relishes candies.

Here are the suggestions:

  • Have water after eating candy as it helps to rinse the sticky chocolate in the mouth.
  • Try not to brush immediately as there are chances of the chocolaty pieces sticking inside the grooves or the crevices.
  • It is best to make them munch less as the sweet ingredient won’t linger in mouth for longer time.

You can clear your doubts by visiting your pediatric dentist near me and even have dental checkup of your kids done their regularly.

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