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Regular cleaning: what is included in the service

Office and residential areas need maintenance cleaning, which should be carried out on a regular basis. You don’t have to do this on your own. Any cleaning company will do all the work for you. It remains only to determine the range of services and stipulate a convenient time.

Price for regular cleaning by professionals

Today, the price of cleaning services is at an affordable level. This is explained by competition and market development.

The cost of periodic cleaning of the premises is formed from:

  • prices of a specific company – for example, cleaning a studio apartment by the cleaning service “Two Sisters” will cost about $145;
  • the area and type of the room, the presence of hard-to-reach places, surfaces that are difficult to clean;
  • degree of contamination.

Also, the price is affected by how often regular cleaning of the house or office will be carried out. When concluding a contract for a long period, you can get a significant discount.

What types of work are included in regular cleaning?

Different rooms have different requirements for cleanliness. Standard maintenance cleaning tidying up your space, vacuuming,dusting,moping, wiping all mirrors, vacuuming all upholstery, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning (wiping down all visible surfaces outside only), microwave cleaning inside, taking trash out

In the kitchen, the cooking surfaces, the dining table are wiped, the refrigerator and stove are washed outside, the sink is wiped with high quality. Regular cleaning of the bathroom involves the processing of door handles, disinfection of plumbing, wiping the walls. Upon completion of all work, the cleaning service specialists remove the collected garbage.

Many companies offer additional services:

  1. cleaning of furniture with a steam generator;
  2. dry cleaning of mattresses, removal of complex stains from different surfaces;
  3. window washing;
  4. laundry, etc.

Clients of such services can select additional services, as in the constructor. Payment occurs for really necessary work.

Professionals leave behind a clean, pleasantly smelling room. The client saves personal time. The freed hours can be used to attend sporting events, meet friends or work. The cleaning company guarantees the safety of personal property. To order a service, it remains to find a suitable service that operates in a certain region, and leave a request on the website or by phone.

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