Without An Additional Co-Factor, HIV Could not Create HELP

Contrary to the original HIV-AIDS theory, which states there is a 50-100 percent possibility of fatality from infection, there are just a few HIV contaminated people that in fact pass away, a minimum of not greater than in other group of illness.

When blood from AIDS patients was infused right into chimpanzees in 1983, all them evaluated HIV positive yet when examined 10 years later on, none had created any kind of indications of illness. In another experiment, over 150 monkeys obtained shots of detoxified (extremely focused) HIV in 1984, yet developed no signs of condition to this very day.

However, just what the experiments did show was that their body immune systems had created antibodies against the infection within a month, equally as it happens in human beings. The visibility of antibodies makes certain that resistance versus the germs has been protected on a permanent basis. Just as animals can not get AIDS from HIV causes, so could people not get AIDS from HIV either.

HIV could not cause as high as the flu

HIV could not cause as high as the flu

Among other human infections, such as those triggering polio, flu, liver disease, and so on, HIV could be just one of one of the most safe ones; it is quickly and also quickly counteracted by our immune system. The incubation duration for every single recognized virus does not exceed more than a maximum of 6 weeks, as is the case with the human hepatitis virus. It is a well-established organic regulation that any type of germ that does not cause signs and symptoms before it is removed by the immune system could not be thought about a cause of illness.

No virus can making it through 10-15 years in a normal healthy body with an energetic immune system.And even if it were feasible in theory that a couple of infection bits would certainly endure a years or longer, they still would need to overcome the body immune system, and also they would definitely not be enough in number to impair the person’s immunity (unless naturally the body immune system is destroyed by other reasons).

The AIDS concept recommends that HIV ruins the immune system’s T4 cells, consequently leaving the body at risk to all sort of infections and also illness. It had currently been found in the mid-eighties that the variety of HIV contaminated T4 cells is far too tiny to trigger widespread devastation and that the body is perfectly capable of replacing T4 cells much faster compared to HIV could damage them.

Since the start of HELP as we understand it, numerous thousands of individuals, including medical employees and also hemophiliacs, were unintentionally infected with HIV, however just a couple of them developed HELP – in fact, not more than any other group in culture. Amongst the health workers that established AIDS, 90 percent belonged to the significant danger group of AIDS cases – extremely energetic homosexuals and also intravenous drug addict.

Amongst hemophiliacs, that are ‘naturally’ immune-deficient, there are equally as many HIV-negatives dying as there are HIV-positives dying. Simply puts, whether a hemophiliac is contaminated or not, his possibilities of establishing an AIDS-type disease are precisely the very same.

Until now, there has not been also one human or pet that has actually established AIDS after being contaminated only with HIV. This reality could be reason enough to reevaluate the function of HIV as being the sole agent in charge of triggering lots of various sort of (HELP) diseases. Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the HIV virus, has actually currently mentioned that, without an additional co-factor, HIV can not create AIDS. Find more info

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