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Losing weight isn’t easy for everyone, and every method won’t work. But there is a way that people can lose weight and it’s not a magical pill or diet: it’s hypnosis. Weight Loss Hypnosis is a proven science if the individual is open to it.

First session

The objective of the first session is to define how hypnosis will be useful to the success of the person’s weight loss approach. It is important to remember that it is not hypnosis itself that makes you lose weight. It allows you to set up the necessary elements to change habits. This first session also allows you to specify specific objectives, translated not regarding weight but regarding changes, which is much more motivating. This is important because hypnosis can resurrect past emotions. This first contact also makes it possible to develop a dietary program. Specialists will define a caloric level adapted to the person’s level of physical activity and eating behavior. This caloric intake can appear in the form of menus with elements like recipes, shopping lists, photos of portions of food, etc.

The discovery of hypnotic functioning

Hypnosis provides a whole new outlook for a person looking to lose weight. It helps them discover new resources and create what is called "safe place." There is no need to lie down to be hypnotized or close your eyes. The patient should find a comfortable position on a chair or couch. The hypnotherapist then asks him or her to pay attention to the different sensations they may be experiencing. The specialist may ask them to focus on breathing and wait for other sensations to appear. The goal of Self Hypnosis is to allow the patient to focus on the body's sensations. This helps them to gradually determine the scientific, logical, and rational ways of the brain and transfer them into more emotional, more creative functions. Once the signs of hypnotic state appear, the patient is asked to imagine a place or room where they feel safe. This allows them to deepen the state of hypnosis. The objective of this first session is to discover that hypnosis can create comfort. Just going into hypnosis can improve states of tension, stress and, in itself, become very therapeutic.

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