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Posted by on August 27, 2018

We all know that regardless of whether the weather is hot or cold, the weather will cause the skin to be fragile and sensitive, as well as the hair as part of the skin.

Keep your hair moisturized

Hair is prone to dryness, whether it is in a dry or wet environment. Therefore, we must regularly focus on using moisturizing products to do hair care.

Use negative ion and ceramic hot tools

Ceramic electric coils allow heat to penetrate deeper and more quickly and evenly to the desired curl; while negative ion coils help eliminate the amount of damaged hair and prevent further damage.

Don’t go out without getting your hair out

Be sure to dry your hair before going out, because when the hair encounters cold wind outside, it will cause damage and split ends. Therefore, if it is a girl who is used to washing her hair in the morning, it is recommended to go out after drying.

Wearing a hat and scarf

Because of the season and temperature, most people wear hats in the winter, but no matter which kind of material is in contact with the hair, it will generate static electricity due to close friction. The hair that is fragile and vulnerable will become More serious, causing the fork to break easily. Therefore, before wearing a hat, you can wrap your hair with a silk scarf to protect the hair from injury.

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